School Profile

Breakthrough Magnet School South is located at 290 Brookfield Street in Hartford, just off of the Flatbush Avenue exit of I-84. The building includes a library/media center with a computer lab, gymnasium/auditorium, outdoor amphitheater, green roof gardening area, and spacious classrooms. Students enjoy seven and a half acres of land with playground areas and fields. Total enrollment for the building is 355 students.

Breakthrough Magnet School South (BMSS), one of Hartford's highest performing schools, is first of only three magnet schools in the nation whose theme is character education, and now, is the first and only school in Connecticut to provide "Mindfulness" training to all students. Located in a state of the art facility that was custom built for its theme, BMSS provides a rigorous and authentic learning experience in which students use real purposes and audiences as catalysts for the development of curricular skills. They gain knowledge, utilize higher order thinking, exercise body and mind, and explore the arts, technology and social values in the BMSS environment.

With 355 students boasting heritage from over twenty-five countries who live in Hartford, and twenty-four surrounding towns, BMSS is truly a "global community for students of character." Steeped in best academic practices, all BMS staff are also well trained in our unique character education curriculum, emphasizing problem solving, personal responsibility, integrity, contribution and knowledge. Students benefit from the consistent and clear delivery of the curriculum on a micro and macro level- from one on one conversations with staff, whole class lessons, and weekly school wide community meetings. In addition middle school students provide daily school-based community service, which allows them to develop and appreciate the importance of their academic and social skills in the here and now.

Breakthrough Magnet School South develops children of character who are culturally and socially independent and responsible citizens, prepared to lead others by example in Breakthrough's specialized skills, values, and ethics to the communities of tomorrow.

Special Features:

  • Rich in technology, music & the visual arts

  • Community Service projects in all grade levels

  • Mindfulness training for all students, staff and families

  • Spanish Instruction K-8

  • Enrichment programs within the school day

  • Gardening and cooking

  • Series for parents on character curriculum, SEL and Mindfulness

  • Weekly Community Meetings

  • Mindful Fusion Music Group

  • Morning Running Club for Gr. 3-8

  • Beginner Band starting at Gr. 5

  • Family Style lunches in elementary classrooms

  • Chromebooks for each student in Gr. 3-8

  • Middle School sports programs, including cheerleading

  • Restorative Practices and Approaches

  • Student Council for Gr. 6-8

  • Middle School PeaceJam group

355 Students, Grade Levels: Pre-K (Age 3) - Grade 8

For more information about Breakthrough Magnet School South, please contact Holly Gustafson, Principal, at (860) 418-7597.