About Our School

Breakthrough Magnet School South, one of Hartford's highest performing schools, is the first of only two magnet schools in the nation whose theme is character education, and now, is the first and only school in Connecticut to provide mindfulness training to all students. BMSS provides a rigorous and authentic learning experience in which students use real purposes and audiences as catalysts for the development of curricular skills. They gain knowledge, utilize higher order thinking, exercise body and mind, and explore the arts, technology and social values. We also have some multi-age classrooms (similar to a Montessori approach), with 3 & 4 year olds together in PreK, K & 1st graders together, 2nd & 3rd graders, 4th & 5th graders together, and 7th & 8th graders together in middle school.

Magnet School Theme:

Character Education

School Enrollment:

  • 350 students in grades PreK3 through 8th grade

  • Students reside in Hartford, as well as 28 different suburban towns/cities

  • Global school representing 25 different countries

School Hours:

Monday -Friday

PreK3: 8:40 A.M. - 12:40 P.M. (TUITION FREE PRE-K, breakfast and lunch provided)

PreK4 - Gr. 8: 8:40 A.M. - 3:50 P.M (FULL DAY PRE-K4).

Grab & Go Breakfast served in classrooms starting at 8:30 am

OPMAD (Organized Parents Make a Difference) run our before and aftercare and PreK3 extended day programs.

Before care (PreK3-8th grade)

7:15 am - 8:30 am

PreK3 extended day care (PreK3 only)

12:40 pm - 3:50 pm

Aftercare (PreK3-8th grade)

3:50 pm - 6:00 pm

School Uniforms:

PreK-Gr. 5: cobalt blue or white collared shirt with school logo

Gr. 6-8: burgundy or gray collared shirt with school logo

Bottoms can be khaki, navy or black. More uniform information on Dress Code page (under Parents tab).


Accolades: Recognized by Magnet Schools of America as a School of Excellence for 12 years, based on academics, diversity, and innovation. Breakthrough Magnet School South was named #1 magnet school in the country by Magnet Schools of America in 2015, as well as a Teach For America School To Learn From in 2015!

Curriculum: All students participate in a weekly whole school community meeting featuring student-led presentations. Other school-wide offerings include Spanish (starting in K), Mindfulness, and weekly character/SEL lessons. We have multi-age classrooms but switch straight grade for Math and Literacy instruction.

Extracurricular Activities: Breakthrough Magnet School South features enrichment programs (within the school day), community service opportunities (within the school day), cheerleading and middle school sports (co-ed basketball), morning running club for Gr. 3-8, a 5th grade beginner band, middle school (Gr. 6-8) advanced band, middle school chorus (Gr. 6-8), Gr. 7/8 rock band, a Mindful Music Fusion band, and Trashion Fashion art club, just to name a few.

Technology: BMSS has a device for every student - Ipads for PreK and chromebooks for Gr. K-8. Every elementary classroom also has a full-working kitchen. We also have a new state-of-the-art STEM lab.