From the Nurse:

Here are a few suggestions to help determine whether you should keep your child home from school or not.

1) Any fever over 100. Although Tylenol/Advil will bring down the fever, the child is still sick and contagious. A feverish child should stay home until the fever is gone for 24 hours without the use of any medication.

2) Vomiting. If your child vomits in the morning, please do not send him/her to school. If vomiting occurs the night before and the child hasn’t been able to eat, he/she needs to stay home.

3) Persistent cough. Your doctor should check any non-stop cough. If the cough is accompanied by wheezing, your child could have asthma and this must be seen by a doctor. If the cough is not allowing your child to sleep at night, he/she will not be able to function during the school day and needs to stay home.

4) Pink Eye. If your child wakes up with a very red eye that isn’t itchy and it has a discharge, it is likely he or she has conjunctivitis. You should call your doctor and keep the child home until treatment has begun.

5) Strep Throat. If your child has a fever AND a sore throat, you should suspect strep throat. Most cases of strep are accompanied by swollen glands in the neck and white patches inside the throat. This MUST be treated by antibiotics, call your doctor right away. A child should be on the antibiotics for a full 24 hours before returning to school.

6) Head lice. If you know that your child has lice, please keep them home and treat the lice as directed on the bottle of lice shampoo/rinse. Call me and let me know and I will check the whole class so we stop the spread.

7) Rashes. Most rashes are not a problem but please bring your child to my office to have the rash checked before you bring them into the classroom. That way we can decide together if it is a rash that needs to be checked by your pediatrician.

If you ever wonder if your child should be in school, please always feel free to stop by my office in the morning or call me (860-695-3506) and I will help you decide. As a working mom, I know it’s difficult to miss a day of work, but a sick child needs to be at home. The child also needs to stay at home to stop the spread of the germ causing the illness.

Nurse Marcia Adler:

Phone Number - 860-695-3506

Fax Number - 860-895-6615