Curriculum Overview

Ø Curriculum

Ø A state-of-the-art facility that has been specifically designed to support STEM education

Ø • Students will have extensive laboratory experiences using the most contemporary technologies for scientific inquiry, mathematical calculation, and engineering design

Ø • The Connecticut Science Center partners with the school for student experiential learning opportunities and teacher professional development

Ø • Full day Kindergarten

Ø • STEM EXPO participation in grades K-2, 5-8

Ø • A science exploratory curriculum with exposure to engineering connections

Ø • Participation in Annual Invention Convention

Ø • Technology training will include the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sketch-Up, Probeware, Keyboarding, the use of Ipods and Ipads, and various Presentation Software, etc.

Ø • Extensive use of technology including lap-top computers, engineering software, CAD, Ipods, Ipads, Google Sketch-up, Dimension 3D printer, and electronic presentations in all classes

o All 8th Grade Students Enroll in a High School Algebra Course

All 7th Grade Students Enroll in an Accelerated Math Course to Prepare for High School Algebra

o Three School-wide STEM Expeditions Annually (All K-8 Students)