Team Zapatera


Mrs. Boeri-Boyce, Mrs. Cooley, Mrs. Culver, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Pfeiffer, and Ms. Sampson

Team Zapatera News:

We hope you all had a fun summer - we did! Any guesses on which teacher did what over the summer?!

Who went to Spain? Whose daughter got married? Who started training for a half marathon? Who rode 50 miles in the Prouty? Who is all healed and riding horses again?

Class News:

**To be ready for all your classes, please have the items from the materials list linked here.

**To be ready for Social Studies, don’t forget your summer homework! Links are below, just in case you need a new copy. This homework is due the very first day of school.

Incoming 6th Graders

7th graders

8th Graders

Upcoming Events: August 22nd, Zapatera Meet and Greet, 6-7pm

August 28th, first day of school

September 7th, Field Trip to Hurricane Hill

September 13th, HMMS Open House

Thank you for all that you do everyday to make your student’s education meaningful and successful!

8th grade class trip to boston

6/7th graders RENAISSANCE Ghost party

School Wide Assembly for Memorial Day - Zapatera students playing Taps

8th grade trip to the railroad station in WRJct and the center of town CEMETERY

8th graders preparing their change over time projects

8th grade Math Class

6/7's in social studies working on the RENAISSANCE

We had the knighting ceremony on Tuesday. Congratulations to those who successfully met all the challenges!

8th graders are writing a narrative in english. THey are using hartford as the setting and the research they've done on their person to add depth to their realistic fiction piece.

Visiting Author Jon Chad eats lunch and has a workshop with a few Zapatera students!

These 8th graders are ready for HHS! Taking initiative and coming in before school to get work done (ahead of the due date!) - way to go soon to be freshmen!

Change Over Time

Eighth graders began the Change Over Time unit. In Social Studies they started researching someone who lived in and around Hurricane Hill during the Civil War. To start off this unit, on Monday, students simulated Civil War surgery. Though interrupted by a fire drill, all were successful in removing the marble (bullet) from the box (limb). We are still awaiting to see if mold develops on bread to see if “infection” was spread by the operation.

Standardized testing for the win!

The Zapatera dance was huge success!

HHS Pizzazz

Advisory volleyball tournament

8th graders visited the state house in montpelier. We met Gabrielle Lucke, Kevin Christie, Alice Nitka, Tim Briglin, Jim Masland, and Justice eaton. Ask your child what they do for us at the state level!

206 and 208 Advisories created their own version of curling!

WOrk Over time


6/7 students are putting the finishing touches on their Work Over Time structures and essays. Can't wait for them to show off all this hard work!

Work Over Time

Zapatera 6/7th graders

HMMS 5:30 - 6:30


Advisory in the gym - student led dodgeball tournament. They even got the teachers to play!

Work Over Time: Researching and constructing an ancient roman structure

6/7th graders are heading into the weekend full of creative ideas for creating their Ancient Roman Structure! Each group made a design, created a list of materials needed and divided that list up. Remember - free materials are best!

Simple Machine Project Display Design Ideas
Simple Machine Project: Researching and Building Ancient Roman Structures

Project Based Learning with 6/7th graders

'Work over time'

Team Zapatera movie afternoon (had to change the holiday movie choices from the cancelled day before vacation movie-a-thon!)

Building Zapatera Community in Advisory

Room 106 V. 206 in advisory games

We eat pickles for breakfast around here!

#206 advisory has the messiest lockers and hallway #notashamed #weshouldbe

Table top games

Advisory #206 V. Advisory #208

Team Zapatera Holiday Events


  • Outdoor or indoor games 2:05 - 2:25 (dress appropriately)


  • Outdoor or indoor games 2:05 - 2:25 (dress appropriately)


  • Outdoor or indoor games 2:05 - 2:25 (dress appropriately)
  • Dress in festive holiday clothes and try to out do your teachers!


  • Team Dodge ball in the gym 2:05 - 2:25


  • Movie and PJ day

Thankfully Zapatera got into the holiday spirit early! #snowday

We are an enthusiastic team!

The only student who was brave enough to wear the dreaded 'holiday teacher vest'! (He wore it ALL day!)

Doesn't ever 8th grade boy want to dress like his teacher?!

Advisory decorating

6/7 graders studying Rome

8th graders visited the HACTC on Thursday afternoon. Ask your child what their favorite class was, which teacher was a former Olympian, and what movie principal Doug Heavisides recommend they all watch this weekend!

Sixth and Seventh grade students had approximately 35 minutes to build a Greek temple with limited materials and no scissors!

Building community in Advisory - teaching each other card games and chair soccer.

6/7th Graders silent reading for the

HMMS read-a-thon!

6th and 7th grade students simulated an ancient Greek assembly. They debated women's rights in Greece in a very lively manner!

Turkey Trot

Zapatera knows how to show team spirit!

Making corn pancakes with corn grown by the Garden Club

Watching Fiddler on the Roof at HHS

Geography Week

8th Graders playing Veteran's Day Kahoot - they didn't beat Mrs. Boeri-Boyce!

Waffle Wednesday in an Advisory

Halloween - Zapatera style!

HMMS Spirit Week Assembly

Dance Off - Zapatera kids have some moves!

Mismatch day competition - Mr. Miller lost out to Ms. Prescott!

Making Food Webs in Science Class

Fun in Advisory

Monthly breakfast - can you drink chocolate milk with vampire teeth?! We can!

Hurricane Hill Trip #4

Advisory in the Gym

Hurricane Hill Trip #3

8th Grade Scientists At Work

8th Grade Hurricane Hill Trip #2

8th Grade trip to Hurricane Hill #1

6/7 Tunbridge Fair Trip

Team Bonding

6/7 students defining the team vocabulary words (analyze, summarize, prove, interpret, criticize....)

We say say TERA!

Our first 8th grade team building activity

8th graders working together