In Kindergarten we finished the Committee for Children's Second Step Child Protection Unit, where students will learn about ways to stay safe, in and out side of school, learn about safe and unsafe touches, the touching rule, and keeping secrets good and/or bad. We also explored people in the community who help keep us safe; firemen, policemen, bus drivers etc. and identified ways to keep ourselves safe. We will be moving on to Second Step's Bullying Prevention curriculum at the end of January, where students will learn what bullying is, how to stand up for themselves and others, and how they can help stop bullying.

In First through Fifth Grade we finished the Committee For Children's Second Step Bullying Prevention Units. Second Step is curriculum designed to promote social-emotional development, safety, and well being of students. In all the lessons students learn about Recognizing, Reporting, and Refusing bullying. You can explore this curriculum along with other Committee for Children Second Step curriculum by clicking on the above link.

In First grade we will be reviewing The Zones of Regulation when the skiing program has ended. First grade students learned about the Zones of Regulation last year in Kindergarten. The Zones of Regulation is part of the Social Thinking Curriculum which is geared towards helping children learn skills to help them regulate their actions to help increase control and problem solving abilities. After we review the Zones, First grade will be viewing Disney Pixar's movie Inside Out.

In Second through Fifth grade we've started learning and reviewing talking Social Thinking and how our actions and behaviors give other's thoughts about us. We will then transition into Growth Mindset and how that impacts our learning.