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Our philosophy

For many years, youth in the Hartford,VT area have traveled far and wide to play competitive basketball in the off-season. Hartford Hoops Foundation is proud to open the inaugural season of Hartford Storm Basketball Club in 2018. We know that basketball is only one part of our athletes' lives, and we hope to make basketball a lasting positive memory for all. Our goals for this program are:

                • Keep kids on the court and handling the basketball when recreation and school seasons end
                • Develop character by teaching camaraderie and sportsmanship through the game of basketball
                • Improve skills and fundamentals-- everyone can improve something
                • Attract athletes to our area and to our program

Registration information

Registration is filled out online, but is only complete when a parent or representative attends the MANDATORY February 11 meeting. This meeting will be held in the Hartford High School Gymnasium at 4pm. At this meeting, all players are expected to have a completed registration (computer will be available to register if you don't have computer access) and to bring the registration fee of $130. Checks can be made payable to Hartford Hoops Foundation. This fee includes a shooting shirt and uniform and tournament costs.

After registration, the Hartford Hoops Foundation Board will meet to discuss teams and coaches. In the event there are not enough players for a particular level, the players will be informed and the registration fee will be returned.

What's the commitment?

During the season, we expect to practice twice per week (most likely once during the week and once over the weekend). We are tied to whatever gym time is open, and our flexibility is limited. We expect Spring Sports to take precedent.

We have also intentionally chosen local tournaments whenever possible.One thing we heard over and over was that lots of travel makes the program less desirable. Please click the tournaments section to see the list of tournaments we are researching. We included one travel tournament at the end of the season and hope this will be an opportunity to build relationships and make some lasting memories (think hotel pools and the beach).

Fundraising: Because the program is new and costly, we expect all participants to participate in a fundraiser to be determined and decided upon at a later date. We are lucky to have some of the start-up costs from the Hartford Hoops Foundation.