Saugus Distance Learning Tool Kit

Important information for getting the year started...

Teachers will need to send out Google Classroom codes using IC messenger on August 7th (when schedules are pretty much set and movement will be minimal). Click here to watch a quick tutorial on how to send that message.

You can also invite students (and their parents) to join the Google Classroom. Click here for a quick tutorial on that.

Click here to see a video on how to use IC and Excel to invite students to Google Classroom.

Click below for the distance learning bell schedule.


Just a suggestion from one teacher to another...

Master one or two new pieces of technology. Get to know it really well so that you can use it effectively. Then move on to another new technology. Don't try to learn and implement everything all at once - it's too much, too fast, and it'll make you crazy!

If you need help with any distance teaching tools, contact Ashley Winkler using this form:

Distance Teaching Help Request

How to use this site...

This site is broken up into four pages to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of information out there! Below is a description of each page attached to this site. Click on the tabs at the top (or on the underlined titles) to view each of these pages.

  • Tab 1: Teacher Tech

    • Here you will find quick how-to videos for how to set up your virtual classroom and how to utilize various tools to improve your virtual classroom.

  • Tab 2: Lesson Planning

    • Here you will find some simple suggestions for how to structure your 75 minutes with students.

  • Tab 3: Helping Students

    • Here you will find some quick how-to and other videos that you can share with students so that you don't have to use instructional minutes to go over technology.

  • Tab 4: Connecting with Students

    • Here you will find recommendations for you to connect with students in the virtual classroom.

District Mandated Google Training

To join the Google Classroom and complete the training, use code: ftg6tvb

District PD Website

On the district website, you can access Google training, information about various platforms, videos and information from Hart district teachers, information about webinars, and more. Click here to access that site: District PD Website

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