Financial Aid /Scholarships

Please look through the following options. Apply to all Scholarships that you fall under the eligibility requirements.
*Be careful when applying for scholarships. Never give out social security numbers; never pay for a scholarship; ask a trusted adult to look over opportunities before applying.*

The Federal Trade Commission informs students to take precautions when looking for money for college. Please read this important information.

Federal Student Aid

FAFSA Guide - Watch Video

COC will be providing 1-on-1 information for fafsa help. Please look to your email for more information.

Financial Aid Night.mp4

Canyon's Financial Aid Night

Recorded 10/20/2020


Here are some other ideas to help you search for and obtain scholarships:

If your parents work for a large company, sometimes the company has scholarships for the children of their employees. Ask them.

  • Check with your parent's work, your church or other organization you belong to.

  • Explore the following websites and apps:




  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund (app)

  • Scholly (app)

  • Orbot (app)



  • Scholarship Information from other local high schools--check the school's web page

  • Fill out your FAFSA to see if you qualify for a PELL GRANT

  • Find scholarships within your community: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, The Boys and Girls Club, The Rotary Club, and more.

  • Talk to local businesses (in person). Some of them will have scholarships which they will use for advertising to promote themselves.

  • Ask your relatives. Do they know of a business who has a scholarship opportunity?

  • Once accepted into your secondary educational institute, the financial aid office will have a list of scholarship opportunities to explore.


New Scholarship Opportunities!