Academy of the Canyons

Class of 2021

Senior Capstone Project

What is the Senior Capstone Project (SCP)?

The SCP is the final project-based learning activity for seniors at Academy of the Canyons. This capstone task enables students to synthesize knowledge and apply inter-disciplinary skills gained during their high school education through civic engagement within our local community. There is a wide range of opportunities for participation at this level, and there are many needs to be focused on within the Santa Clarita Valley. Through this project, all 12th graders are tasked to:

  • examine distinct local needs

  • narrow their focus within significant areas of interest

  • develop a means by which they can help address a specific issue

  • implement an action plan to achieve their civic goals

The purpose of this website is to showcase the multitude of important topics that the Class of 2021 will work to address.

Through their passion, skill, and commitment, our seniors will positively impact the community and become civically responsible and literate citizens of the 21st century.