Alienation in America

Module 6 - Alienation in America


Over the course of this year we have examined many of the events, problems, and themes that have shaped that history of America. As we approach the end of the year, our attention shifts toward examining the contours of our present nation and the challenges that we confront. In particular, we return to a challenge that we have previously identified within our discussions: how Americans feel increasingly isolated within their own nation. Evidence from the media, academia, public polling, and your own observations about your classmates consistently points to how this sense of alienation is one of the most pressing issues that we (as a class and a nation) need to confront. As we close out this year and prepare for our spring showcase presentation, we will address this issue head on.


  1. Collect Sources to Share with Class (Consider digital sources, such as meme's, blog, or social media posts; articles; poems; short stories; etc. The sources should express a distinct feeling of alienation among a group, or an individual experience of alienation that can be extended to a group)
  2. Module readings and evidence log entries (4/8-4/11)
  3. The Looming Tower: Ch. 17- 4/9; Ch. 18 - 4/11; Ch. 19 - 4/15; Ch. 20 - 4/18
  4. Evidence log for Module 6 due (4/15)
  5. Socratic seminar covering the readings (4/15)
  6. Showcase Project (4/16-5/9)
  7. Module 6 Note Packet
  8. Module 6 Test (5/28)
  9. Latin roots lists and quizzes in English (TBD-- see class calendar)

Readings and Media

Suggested Texts: