Emergency Medical Technology/Technician Program

Course is designed to train students in emergency medical care in the pre-hospital environment. It is entry-level training in the Emergency Medical Services career field. The program follows the current Dept. of Transportation, EMT curriculum. Program instructs the student in medical practices available to pre-hospital personnel, precise patient assessment, and management of trauma and medical emergencies, airway management, resuscitation, and pharmacological interventions. Program will develop the student's confidence, knowledge, and skills in performing critical assessment and management of patients with medical and trauma-related life threats. It also focuses on the development of the EMT’s critical role as a team member during patient crisis situations. Clinical observations on local ambulance services occur outside of the scheduled class time. Students must be certified in Basic Life Support by the AHA (not included) and show successful completion of all course requirements for eligibility to take the National Registry for EMT Practical and Written examinations.

Students will need access to a computer and the internet to complete curriculum requirements for this course.

(*Students no longer must be 18 years of age to take these examinations.-Updated August 2021-disregard statement in flyer and brochure)

Instructor: David May, NREMT-B

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