Harrisonburg City Public Schools

Instructional Technology

Our mission is to increase access to learning by all students by providing technology-rich environments, professional development for staff on effective integration, and to provide both administrative and instructional support. Technology empowers teachers to engage students and provide opportunities for communication and collaboration that can maximize the instructional process and thereby supports the mission of Harrisonburg City Public Schools - where learning has no limits and together we work for success of all.

Meet Our Department:

Technical Support

Elementary Technology Specialists and Site Coordinators

Is your computer not working? These Technology Specialists at the elementary schools and site coordinators at the middle schools are your first line of defense against computer problems, and if they can't take care of the problem, they'll know know who to call! They can help you with both hardware and software problems.

Photograph of Rachel West

Rachel West

Bluestone Elementary

Photograph of Gerry Comer

Gerry Comer

Keister Elementary

Photograph of Derek Smiley

Derek Smiley

Smithland Elementary

Photograph of Jackie Zito

Jackie Zito

Spotswood Elementary

Photograph of Tricia McPherson

Tricia McPherson

Stone Spring Elementary

Sharon Barrix

Waterman Elementary

Photograph of Sandy Parks

Sandy Parks

Skyline Middle

Sheri Smucker

Thomas Harrison Middle

Computer Technicians

Our technicians repair computer hardware and software, and troubleshoot computer problems from network connectivity problems to printer issues. Our Technicians generally cover several schools, so the best way to ask for their help is to use the Technology Service Request

Photograph of Dwayne Hottinger

Dwayne Hottinger

Network Administrator

Telephone systems for SKMS, SMES, ERELC, and BES

Staff WiFi Network information

Photograph of Rick Sayers

Rick Sayers

Audio Visual Technician

Telephone Systems at CO, HHS, THMS, KES, SES, SSES, and WES

Projector Bulb replacement

Photograph of Beth Clatterbuck

Beth Clatterbuck

Harrisonburg High School

Smithland Elementary

Photograph of Jen Edwards

Jen Edwards

Harrisonburg High School

Keister Elementary

Stone Spring Elementary

Photograph of Charles Getz

Charles Getz

Harrisonburg High School

Spotswood Elementary

Waterman Elementary

Central Office

Photograph of Ed Saylor

Ed Saylor

Skyline Middle School

Thomas Harrison Middle School

Division-Wide Printing

Photograph of Craig Shoemaker

Craig Shoemaker

Harrisonburg High School


The Data department handles all of the Power School and PowerTeacher Pro, Access to EIMS (Pearson Access) SOL Testing, and PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics (formerly known as Interactive Achievement). They also handle data uploads with Reflex Math, Welnet, ThinkCentral, iReady, myON, IEP online, Strawbridge, Lifetouch and Destiny. Most of the support is given directly to administrators and tech support personnel. In general if you have a question about students data management, contact your building tech staff, and they will determine the most appropriate person for the request.

Photograph of Michael Cox

Michael Cox

Manager of Data and Reporting

Call for: PowerSchool support, Access to EIMS, State and federal reporting

Photograph of Lora Stader

Lora Stader

Data Processing Specialist

Call for: SOL testing, PowerSchool, PowerTeacher Pro support, IEP online, data uploads for software & photos

Photograph of Shannon Davis

Shannon Davis

Data Processing Specialist

Call for: PowerSchool Assessment & Analytics (IA), Blackboard Connect, Registration (InfoSnap) & EL data

Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Resource Teachers, or ITRTs, can help you learn how to use technology like Google Apps for Education or your PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook, and they can also help you use technology with your students. Your ITRT can plan a lesson, co-teach or model a lesson, locate resources or just help advise you about best practices of technology integration.

ITRTs can help with all of the follow:

Using Google Apps for Education

- Including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Classroom

Using Microsoft Office

Designing Webpages

Using Discovery streaming

Using GPS units

Digital Citizenship


Digital Cameras

Digital Video Recorders

Photo Editing

Personal Response Units

Creating Movies & Videos

Creating Audio files

Using YouTube videos


Interactive Whiteboards

Document Cameras

Photograph of Diana Flick

Diana Flick

Harrisonburg High School

Photograph of Nate Hissong

Nate Hissong

Harrisonburg High School

Photograph of Kim Hook

Kim Hook

Harrisonburg High School

Photograph of Alan Quimby

Alan Quimby

Skyline Middle School

Photograph of Cherie Roadcap

Cherie Roadcap

Thomas Harrison Middle School

Photograph of Kim Brantley

Kim Brantley

Smithland Elementary School

Elon Rhodes Early Learning Center

Ian Linden

Bluestone Elementary School

Photograph of Stacey Penrod

Stacey Penrod

Stone Spring Elementary School

Waterman Elementary School

Photograph of Tara Walters

Tara Walters

Keister Elementary School

Spotswood Elementary School

Division Staff

Toni Sheets

Executive Director of Technology

Regina Breeden

Administrative Assistant for Finance and Technology

Call for: New Google Accounts