Mattress Fundraiser

We are hosting our 4th Annual Mattress Fundraiser on Saturday, August 24th in the Central Hardin High School Gym Foyer.

This is a VERY easy fundraiser for us. All we have to do is advertise the sale!

Here's HOW it works:

  • The company comes to the school and sets up a mattress show room. They will have mattresses at various price points, sizes, firmness levels, etc. They also have sheets, mattress protectors, frames, and pillows. This is the real deal!
  • The company also provides the salesman (no-pressure sales by the way) and the payment options (financing available).
  • On average, we make approximately $125 per mattress sold.
  • There are CASH incentives for student referrals as well!

Here's WHY it works:

  • A mattress lasts 10 years on average, so every year 1 in 10 people will purchase a mattress. This means that in the city of Elizabethtown, approximately 3,000 people will purchase a mattress THIS YEAR!
  • Our job is to get as many of those 3,000 people as possible to buy from us!
  • If each family could get ONE person to buy a mattress at the sale, we could make over $10,000 with this fundraiser.

Mr. Ervin has flyers available for students to hand out as well.