Century Resources

These brochures should have come home with students TODAY!

Our goal is to raise $5,000.

In order to reach our goal, each student, or family, should aim to sell at least 15 items.

  • The proceeds from this program will be used to help pay for sectional coaches, music, instruments, and equipment.
  • When you approach individuals about this fundraiser, please avoid using the words "buy" and "fundraiser".
    • We all know how we feel about buying things and how annoying fundraisers can be. Instead, use the word HELP. Example: would you be interested in helping the Central Hardin Band? This will always yield a bit of interest! It's hard to say no when people ask for help!

Group ID

  • Our Group ID is 50682.


  • Fundraiser Kick-Off: Wednesday, February 19th
  • Quick Start: Tuesday, February 25th (sell 8 items by this date to get a "quick start prize")
  • All Orders AND Money Due: Monday, March 2nd
  • Delivery Week: March 23rd-27th


  • All money from the sale will be collected on March 2nd.
  • We can accept card as well by using the QR code in the back of the brochure or by using these links:
  • Out of town orders should utilize the Web Store.

Web Store Ordering

Items ordered through the web store will be shipped directly to your customers.

  1. Go to www.centuryresources.com
  2. Click Online Webstore.
  3. Enter our Group ID: 50682
  4. Click Central Hardin HS Band.
  5. Enter the Student's Name and Grade, click Save Student Information and Shop.
  6. Shop your heart out!