Once Upon a Time in The Renaissance Europe

Arts, science, and literature, the Renaissance is such a period of ideas! Don't you like the divine picture of Mona Lisa, or the fantastic discovery of space, or maybe the fabulous play Romeo and Juliet?

This website shows you everything about the Renaissance period. Including the great people in the period to the history that you may not know about the Renaissance. Aren't you intrested? Come on and join us in one of the most intresting period from the long history of humans!!!!!!

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About the fantastic authors

This website is made by 3 students in Happy Kids, Ling, JT, and Baron. Under our teacher, Mr. Brunken's help, we finally get to introduce this important era to all the world.We hope that you could learn more about The Renaissance by viewing this webpage, and don't forget to check out our teacher's gmail, jbrunken@happykids.taipei to know more about happy kids and Mr, Brunken.