Welcome to Hāpara!

We have five steps for you to take in preparation of your setup session, to save you time and to simplify the Hāpara rollout of your Hapara Suite.

Prior to your setup session, be sure to complete these steps:

1. Google Admin Settings

Log into your school domain Google Admin Console as the super administrator to configure the settings highlighted in the steps below:

API - update.mp4

Enable API Permissions

Follow the pathway below as shown in the step-by-step video.

Security > API controls > Manage Google Services > Tick for Unrestricted Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Google Workspace Admin > 'Change Access' > 'Unrestricted: Any user-approved app can access a service' > 'Change'

link sharing update.mp4

Ensure link sharing is off

Follow the pathway below as shown in the step-by-step video.

Apps > Google Workspace > Drive and Docs>Sharing Settings >Link Sharing >Off>


SDK update.mp4

Allow users to install Google Drive apps

Follow the pathway below as shown in the step-by-step video.

Apps > Google Workspace > Drive and Docs > Features and Applications > Drive SDK > Set to ON > Save

If your domain syncs with GCDS (Google Cloud Directory Sync), there are a few exception rules that you must set up in Active Directory in order to prevent crucial groups and users that are used by Hāpara from being deleted. Please see our GCDS support article to create the exception rules.

Install Hāpara Teacher Dashboard

  1. Click the direct link below which will take you straight to the Hapara Marketplace app https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/hapara/545638117049

  2. Hāpara will appear as a result. Click the blue 'Install' button.

  3. A “Get ready to install” window will appear. Click “Continue.”

  4. You will be asked to give Teacher Dashboard access to your domain’s data. After reading our terms of service, tick the checkbox and click “Accept.”

  5. REMEMBER: If teacher and student accounts are in different Google domains, then you must do the steps listed above for each teacher and student domain.

  6. Once installed, click into the app and check that Data Access is 'Granted’ (it will be in green text).

Once the app is enabled, it must be turned On for everyone.”

2. Highlights Installation Guide

Please take 15-20 minutes to complete the steps in the Highlights installation guide to experience the best possible Highlights functionality.

If setting up Highlights, please push out the Highlights extension to the student OU as outlined in the Highlights installation guide, prior to your setup session.

3. URL whitelisting

We recommend that your school network technician complete this step.

The URLs listed below should be whitelisted by any firewall, antivirus or web content filtering software enabled on your teacher network to ensure Hāpara functions without issue. If you experience any connectivity issues from inside the school network which are not occurring outside the network while attempting to access Hāpara, it may indicate local network traffic filtering is in place.

Highlights and Workspace whitelisting on student network:

Hapara Data Loading Options.pdf

4. Decide which dataloading options are best suited for your school or district.

There are several different options for loading your data into Hāpara.

  1. Manual load through Google Sheets or .csv files (see below)

  2. Google Classroom sync (does not require preparing spreadsheets)

  3. Teacher-created classes (does not require preparing spreadsheets)

  4. Direct Power School sync (does not require preparing spreadsheets)

  5. Direct integration via Clever (does not require preparing spreadsheets)

  6. Direct integration via RIC One (does not require preparing spreadsheets)

  7. Direct integration via ClassLink (does not require preparing spreadsheets)

  8. cURL scripting

During your setup call your chosen dataloading option is implemented for your school or district.

Manual load

If loading manually, please complete both spreadsheets before your setup session.

  1. Spend a few minutes watching our Classes and Students spreadsheet tutorial videos.

  2. Open and review our sample spreadsheets:

classes spreadsheet template

students spreadsheet template

  1. Make a copy of the sample spreadsheets and format your data.

Questions about spreadsheets? Please feel free to reach out to implementation@hapara.com.

5. Setup Questionnaire

Please complete the Setup Questionnaire and schedule your setup call via the booking link provided at the end of the questionnaire.