Trouble According to Humphrey

Click on the chapter heading to read along with MTV teachers and staff!

Read by Miss Bellino and Mrs. Wagner

❓What is it about Humphrey that makes him view the world differently than the other students?

❓ Why does Humphrey think the studentsʼ names are Lower-your Voice-A.J. and Wait-for-the-Bell-Garth?

Read by Mrs. Rizzo

❓In Chapter 2, we meet a character named Paul Fletcher. At the bottom of page 11, the book states “Gail started to giggle but stopped herself, although I’m pretty sure Paul noticed. His chin sagged for a second.” What do you think it means when the text says, “His chin sagged for a second?”

Read by Mrs. Kalavrouziotis & Mr. Gathen

❓ What was the name of the contest that Seth’s mother, June, came up with? Do you think you could win this contest?

Read by Miss Bracho & Miss Bracho

❓Why were some of the children unhappy about the jobs they were given?

Read by Ms. Geannakakes

❓What was Humphrey’s plan for saving Art and Paul’s friendship?

Chapter 6 (12 pgs) Wed-Thur 3/13-14

Ch6-Part 1 Ch6-Part 2

Read by Miss Martucci and Miss Vassoler

❓Humphrey manages to get out of his cage to explore Art's house. Imagine that you are a hamster. Write or draw your plan of how you would get from your cage across your classroom at MTV. Be sure to use a lot of detail. Bring your plan to Media class for a special bookmark & a small prize.

Read by Mrs. Allieri and Mrs. Marrese

❓Did Art do well on his test? How can you tell?

Read by Miss Zysk and Mrs. Downey

❓Why is Humphrey a little hesitant to help Miranda?

Read by Mrs. Petro, Mrs. Wylie, & Mrs. Conte

❓What are some things that make you or your family cranky? What are some good ways to cheer up when feeling cranky?

Read by Mrs. DeSino & Ms. Kubala

❓Hamsters don’t make people sick. Why do you think Mrs. Payne was blaming Humphrey for making her family sick?

Chapter 11 (14 pgs) Fri 3/22

❓Humphrey goes to the veterinarian for the first time and he was a little nervous.. Can you remember a time when you were a little nervous about experiencing something for the first time?

Chapter 12 (13 pgs) Mon-Tues 3/25-26

❓How did Humphrey prove that Miranda did not forget to lock Humphrey’s cage earlier in the book?

Chapter 13 (10 pgs) Wed 3/27

❓Why was Humphrey happy to be back in Room 26?

Chapter 14 (9 pgs) Thurs 3/28

❓ Do you think Humphrey did a good job as a class pet? Why or why not?

❓Humphrey hates it when there is trouble. What are some good ways to stay out of trouble?

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