Mrs. Sanders' Speech-Language Page


Hi! I am Mrs. Sanders, the speech-language therapist at Hanover Green Elementary. Speech-language pathologists work with students who have difficulty with the following areas:

-Pronouncing speech sounds that are normally acquired by a certain age;

-Understanding what others have said to them, and speaking using language that is appropriate for their age;

-Using age-appropriate social skills such as use of eye contact;


If you feel your child is having difficulties in one of these areas, please feel free to contact me. Your child's speech and language skills may be informally screened. If it is determined that your child needs an evaluation of their speech and language, you will receive paperwork to sign that will allow the evaluation process to begin. Based on their performance during the evaluation, your child may speak/use language in a manner which is determined to be appropriate or average for their age. In that circumstance, speech-language therapy may not be recommended. If it is determined that their difficulties are found to place them below what is considered age-appropriate, and if those speech-language difficulties are impacting their ability to successfully communicate with their teachers and classmates, speech-language therapy will likely be recommended.