Sunday July 2

Download the Course Schedule Worksheet for a summary of all of the Festival/Conference classes and events listed by Session block.

Sunday July 2 8:00–8:45 AM

Worship Service

BLK 4.1

Sunday July 2 9:00–10:15 AM

Tins Rehearsal

Course# Class Name

011T.4 Tins Rehearsal

104E.3 Bass Bell Technique

120E.3 Bell Berserkers

311E.3 Managing Performance Anxiety

327E.3 Memorize To Bring Ringing to a NEW Level

329E.3 Jumpstarting the Battery (bells)

608E.3 Creative Movement for Musicians

Sunday July 2 10:15–11:30


LUNCH 11:00 - 1:30 PM

BLK 4.2

Sunday July 2 10:30–11:45

Coppers Rehearsal


Course# Class Name

012C.4 Coppers Rehearsal

325E.3 Holistic Approaches to Musicality

328D.2 Score Prep For Handbell Directors

BLK 4.3

Sunday July 2 11:45–12:45

Bronze Rehearsal


BLK 4.4

Sunday July 2 1:30–2:30

Massed Rehearsal

Sunday July 2 3:00–4:30 PM