staff picture outside at playground

Faculty and Staff

2017-2018 staff will be upcoming: website under construction. Please be patient.


Dr. Tiffany Geddie-Suggs (Principal)

Jessica White Assistant Principal (Assistant Principal )

Kindergarten team:

Miranda Bagheri and Robyn Czupka(classroom teachers)

Angelika Kama and Alicia Gick (Instructional Assistants)

First Grade team:

Germaine White and Ms. Hereld

Second Grade team:

Angela Prejean and Erika Burkholder

Third Grade team:

Adrianna Henry

Melani Lewis

Christina Taylor

Fourth Grade team:

Nicole Beal

Mrs. Gibbs

Petra Roehrle

Fifth Grade team:

Natalie Cumpson and Lindsay Hefner

Special Education team:

Latoya Wilson and Courtney Jones (ECSE)

Elizabeth Blackman (teacher) Shawna Davis and Janet Hennings (IA)

Heather Normyle (teacher) and Lakeisha Grady (IA)

Cindy Brown (teacher) and Mary Lynch (IA)

Resource Education Team:

Georgie Burton(art) Julie Casebolt (music) Kimberly Correiro (library media specialist)Nicole Reoyo (PE)

Jennifer Marting (reading Specialist)

Kathy Pfeiffer RN (Nurse)

Marilyn Fonville (guidance counselor)

Office Staff:

Renee Camara (manager) and Charmaine Vauters (secretary)