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Kara McCord


Cheryl Hiers

Assistant Principal

Linda McNeal

Administrative Secretary

Rebecca Green

Attendance Secretary

Tracey Youell

School Counselor

Gwendolyn Butler

School Nurse


Keshia Coston

Room 126

Toymeka Rogers

Room 128

Michele Szymczyk

Room 127

Nadiya Ward

Room 112

First Grade

Sara Forrest

Room 107

Veroncia Jensen

Room 105

Chelsey Miller

Room 103

Gloria Miller INCL

Room 106

Second Grade

Kristen Innella

Room 109

Sydney Jumper

Room 110

Sarah Brazan

Room 111
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Third Grade

Laura Dorsey INCL

Room 116

Amanda Philbeck

Room 113

Amaris Scruggs

Room 114

Fourth Grade

Margaret Connelly

Room 115

Natalya Brana

Room 117

Annette Crothers

Room 120

Fifth Grade

Kaitlyn Huntley

Room 123

Jerri Wilson INCL

Room 119

Nicole Wohlers

Room 121

Special Education

Rodrena Cooper-Gibbs

Collaborative Teacher/Room 108

Amber Maldonado

Collaborative Teacher/Room 101

Jayjia Starks

Collaborative Teacher/Room 108

Jessica Thomas

Collaborative Teacher/Room 108
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Resource Team

Shawn Bender

PE and Health

Tracye McLean


Nicole Achorn


Michelle Raybourne



Tara Abaya

Inside the Library

Student Services

Kim Debnam-Tatum

Family Engagement Specialist

Cindy Conca

Speech PathologistPC 1

Sarah Foy

Reading Specialist

Kevin Banks

School Social Worker

Gina Hobbs

Gifted Education

Kisha Jones

Literature Support Specialist

Amy Otey

School Psychologist

Norene Pell

Early Reading Intervention Assistant

Nick Shannon

Math Intervention

Siera Smith

Early Reading Intervention Assistant

Jan Marie VanDenhedee

Reading Intervention

HNNCSB Counselors

Jamie Baker

Behavioral Counselor/TherapeuticDay Treatment

Rachel Brown

Behavioral Counselor/TherapeuticDay Treatment

Bianca Minor

Behavioral Counselor/TherapeuticDay Treatment

Cafeteria Manager

R. Curry

Custodial Services

V. DeloatchR. Jackson
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