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Click on the COVID-19 Resources image for parents. Here you will find a vast amount of pertinent information about how we can assist you with parental needs during this uncertain time.

Please click on the Alternative Learning Plans image to access the Hampton City Schools Parent Curriculum Connection Website. In the event that we have to close schools, this site will contain alternative learning plans that parents can utilize at home with their child/children. *Families of English Language Learners should reference the links at the bottom of Hampton City Schools Parent Curriculum Connection Website for directions on how to translate the text on this website.

Click on the Online Subscription image to access HCS digital subscriptions for online reading, ebooks, and read alouds. You will also be able to access your classroom teachers' read aloud here as well.

Click on the Scholastic Learn at Home image to access free resource that provides all students with 20* days’ worth of learning journeys that span the content areas so students can stay academically active.

The username or password posted on the first page, so it is open freely to all, on any device. They are designed to limit the need for printing and allow students to learn independently or with their families.

Click on the Race the Wild image to access the Hampton Reads One Book videos for K-2 and 3-5. These video are also posted on the Alternative Learning Site.

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Online How-To-Draw Videos

Art for Kids Hub - Very kid friendly and has a variety of how-to-draw videos at various levels. This artistic dad and with his four children go through the steps in drawing different subjects. This is my one of my favorite art channels on Youtube.

Cartooning Club How to Draw

Draw So Cute

Let’s Draw - This person writes a word and transforms that word into art.

Red Ted Art - Explores how to do different art crafts out of different materials such as paper, dough, etc,.

Art with Mati & Dada - It is an old channel but these animated kid-friendly videos expore the lives of different artists.

Artwork Viewing

Google Arts and Culture Time - Navigate artwork and artifacts through human history

Google Arts and Culture Places - Navigate different countries and their artworks

Art Institute of Chicago - You can view any of their artwork for free. You can zoom in on any artwork and see every tiny detail.

Google Arts and Culture Collection - This is a collection of all the art museums in the world. Click on any museum and you can view all their artwork and some have virtual tours.

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Online Drawing

AutoDraw - This is a fun online tool that allows you to draw virtually. Easy navigating tools and instruction.

Quick Draw by Google - This virtual drawing game gives you a word to draw in 20 seconds as well as tell try and beat the Computer in guessing your doodle.

InspirARTion - A virtual drawing tool that is fun to explore to create different drawings. This tool mimic a lot of common Photoshop tools that Graphic Designers and Graphic Artists use o create art.

National Gallery of Art Kids - This site has many interactive art apps to use online.

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CLT Online Reading Extensions will be listed here weekly (same as if we were in class) on a rotating schedule. The lesson can be used in a variety of ways to enhance reading skills and read aloud moments while sharing the love of reading. Watch the video as often as needed. Select the activities you want to focus on with your child. The time for activities varies and depends on the length of any discussion. Remember, choose your activities, pace yourself and have FUN!

Learning Intentions

Kinder & 1st Grade

Click on the image to launch the book. Complete the activity sheet. Parental instructions included.

2nd & 3rd Grade

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Click on the image to launch the book. Complete the activity sheet. Parental instructions included.

4th & 5th Grade

(5th grade students' weekly lessons are in Google Classroom)
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Click on the image to launch the book. Complete the activity sheet. Parental instructions included.

Click here for additional read alouds, online reading, ebooks etc. Any questions and/or concerns; please do not hesitate to contact me...

Mrs. McLean
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Hello Kraft Cub Families!

I am sharing some Music extension lessons with all my Cubs as we navigate through these uncertain times! Please enjoy making some music with your children as we spend time together at home with our loved ones!

Each week I will post a new Music Activity. I would love to hear how the activities are going! You and your children can reach out to me directly via email!!

Stay healthy and please let my Little Cubs know that I miss seeing them in the Music Room!!


Mrs. Raybourne