Bryan News!

Congratulations to our teacher of the year,

Mr. Petruskevich!


Game Night Fun!

Congratulations to Ms. Wells, our 2018-2019 teacher of the year!

5th graders help plant oysters

Bryan attends the phoebus spring festival

Spring Festival Collage 1
Spring Festival Collage 2

3rd quarter awards ceremony

K, 1, and 2 Awards Photo
4th Grade Awards Photo
3rd Grade Awards Photo
5th Grade Awards Photo
Citizenship Award Winners

Jennifer opened the March 7th school board meeting! Read more here!

Jennifer at School Board Meeting

Read across america

"Wacky wednesday!"

Reading fair winners!!!

Celebrating 100 days of learning fun!

100 cups
100 Cereal O's
100 building blocks
100 smiles
100 red cups
100 more red cups
100 kisses

Honoring Citizenship

The Downtown Hampton Exchange Club awarded Aleyah with a certificate and more in recognition of her hard work and good citizenship here at Bryan and in her community. Congratulations! Will you be their need awardee next nine weeks?!

Downtown Exchange and Students

Bike Night at Bryan Elementary

Bryan's Bike Night was a collaboration between ZEM Temple #122 and Title I Family Engagement Program at Jane H. Bryan Elementary. All 35 students were honored because of perfect attendance, excellent or improved behavior, having been uniform compliant, displaying excellent homework and classwork habits, and open and consistent communication between home and school on behalf of their families. We look forward to honoring additional students and their families in a different way this Spring.