high school Summer Learning Programs


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Registration form deadline: June 23rd (School Counselor)

Transportation provided -for route information visit this site.

Bus stop information: (757)-727-1079

Breakfast provided for all students by a reimbursable vending machine available for students. This vending machine will allow students to use their pin# to select reimbursable breakfast items.

Phoebus High School

100 Ireland Street

Hampton, VA 23663

Mr. Bruce Godwin; Summer Learning Center Coordinator

July 10th-20th (Monday-Thursday)

9:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Opportunity Descriptions:

Project Graduation Summer Academy:

(no cost to student and parent)

High school students who have not passed an End of Course SOL test(s) will have the opportunity to retake one or more tests. Instructional delivery will be a combination of blended learning (face-to-face classroom instruction with a licensed teacher, and will be supplemented with a personalized online SOL Virtual Tutor {Edgenuity} that can be accessed 24/7 where wifi is available).

Term Grad Academy:

(no cost to student and parent)

Term grads will have an opportunity to recover credit courses through an instructional model which utilizes a mix of online and face-to-face instruction. A licensed teacher will provide students with additional opportunities to complete work and master Standards of Learning (SOLs), in order to successfully meet course expectations.

Important Dates:

Project Graduation and Term Grad Academy Parent Night

(Choose 1)

Kecoughtan~ 522 Woodland Road~ June 20th ~ 6:00

Bethel High School ~1067 Big Bethel Road ~ June 21st ~ 5:30

Phoebus High School ~ 100 Ireland Street~ June 26th~ 5:00

Virtual Summer School

June 26th-August 18th

Exception:Longwood Economics & Personal Finance (June 19th-July 15th)

Cost: $200.00 for each semester course (1/2 credit); students may take up to 2 semesters.

(World Languages: $275 Initial Credit~ $195 Credit Recovery)

Dual Enrollment Opportunity through Longwood University/ Economics and Personal Finance (See document below)

Virtual Summer School (VSS) is designed for rising 9th through current 12th-grade students. VSS provides secondary students with the opportunity for anytime, anywhere online learning. Students may take courses for initial credit and/or credit recovery. While there is no daily attendance requirement for virtual courses, failure to complete assignments daily could result in the lack of course completion. Students must exhibit excellent time management when working as a virtual learner.

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Important Dates:

Virtual Summer School Student/Parent Orientation (Choose 1)

June 13th or June 19th (6:00)

School Administration Center

1 Franklin Street- 1st Floor Conference Room

School Counseling Offices

Bethel (757) 825-4424 ~ Hampton (757) 825-4454 ~ Kecoughtan ~ (757) 850-5023 ~ Phoebus (757) 727-1023