Seesaw- Student Driven Digital Portfolios

What is it?

Student driven digital portfolios and simple parent communication tool. Can be used in 1:1 and shared devices environment. (Ideal for elementary students).

How does it work?

Note: iPads will require the Seesaw app to be remotely installed by our IT department. Fill out this form to request the app. Questions? Contact your CITT

Follow the instructions below to register for your own account and to learn more about Seesaw.


Watch this introduction video of Seesaw

Create an account here. (Notice you can log in with Google to save time and energy!)


1. Create your own class.

2. Send an announcement to your class.

3. Share an activity with your class - Feel free to use this already created activity titled "All about me" make sure to save the activity.

4. Post to your students' journal.

Additional Resources just for you!

Seesaw Resources:

Seesaw activity library - over 300 ready made slides to save to your account. (See examples to the right).

Join the Seesaw Ideas Site for ideas and specific grade level activities!

Getting Started Guide.pdf

Earn PD points!

To earn professional development points, take screenshots-four- of your (1) class announcement, (2) journal post, (3) activity, and (4) student response to any of your posts. Upload them on the Google Form and reflect on your experience with using Seesaw.

How do I take a screenshot?

Press "command" + "shift" + "4." The appearance of your cursor will become a little grid icon and you can use this to select the area you'd like to take a picture of. It will automatically be saved to your desktop. For more info, follow this link to Apple Help Desk.

(This course is worth 5 points.)