What is it?

LanSchool by Lenovo is a classroom management and student device monitoring product created to better focus students on learning.

How does it work?

It is deployed at the division level by school. Teachers choose Load Dynamic Class which pulls rosters from PowerSchool so that teachers always have current rosters loaded. Teachers can easily monitor, blank screens for direct instruction, and send individual messages to get students back on task with minimal disruptions.

See the slideshow below for features from the face-to-face training.

*NOTE: IF you do not have LanSchool in your Applications folder, please put in a work order to have your tech put the application on your laptop.

Feb. PD LANSchool Orientation

How do I get points?

After the face-to-face training, you can earn professional development points by using this with students and documenting that use with screenshots and a reflection.

*You will upload all three screenshots demonstrating your skills to the question "Upload documentation file(s) here."

You will need to use and document the following features (each-3) with a screenshot:

1. Load your class (Load Dynamic Class)- show the screen with at least six of your students fully accessible and active. This will demonstrate your ability to choose and load a class and troubleshoot when they are inactive or just not showing up.

2. Blank their screens.

3. Send an individual message to at least one student. This will demonstrate the skill of messaging a student to return to the task or help them without bringing attention to them.

Be sure to Dismiss the class once you are done!

In the Google Form below, fill out the required questions.

***Upload all three screenshots (jpeg and png file types) to the question "Upload documentation file(s) here." ***

Be sure to reflect on your experience. And if you need support, contact your school's CITT!