iMovie Project

What is it?

iMovie is a powerful movie creation and editing application on your MacBook. It's perfect for collecting student work into one video, recording an experiment, or self-evaluation.

Here are 7 Ways to Use iMovie with Your Students. Click the "pop out" button to view entire article.

7 Ways to Enhance Students Learning Using iMovie

How does it work?

Watch the first 24 minutes of this video. The rest of the video, of course, is useful but may be more advanced than you need. (If you have iMovie 9.0.9, go to this tutorial.)

But my students have Chromebooks!

Computer lab Macs still have iMovie installed. Have the students storyboard their video, compile images and short videos they've made, then reserve the lab for the day. Let students know they have the block (or two depending on your schedule) to complete the project.

Try it yourself!

Gather your resources (images, pdfs, video clips) and upload them to iMovie. It is useful to move step by step with the tutorial as you build your project, so keep this page open to replay the video.

Create a video of at least two minutes. A great two minute video would be a book talk, a commercial for your class or program, or a short news report of your recent field trip. It must have a title, a transition, and credits.

Earn PD points!

Earn your professional development points by uploading your video to Google Drive, changing the Share setting from Private to Anyone in HCS with the link and entering the URL for that file in the Google Form. Link for more on the share settings.

In addition, you will reflect on how you can use iMovie with your students.

This course is worth 10 PD points.