Rubrics: Automatic Feedback

What is it?

Grading projects and assignments using a rubric makes life easier. Sharing those results is more problematic. Slips of paper are messy and easily lost. Learn how to streamline the process! This is also a great way of creating personalized certificates or sharing observation reflections.

How does it work?

You will be using:

  • Google Forms (to fill out rubric)
  • Google Sheets (to collect data)
  • Google Sheets add-on(s) (the "bridge" to merge and share results)
  • Google Doc (to share and document the feedback)

1. Create a Google Form as a rubric for a project, presentation, or observation.

  • Think about how you will want to analyze the collected data. This will help you decide the question types as you: multiple choice, checkboxes, or number scale. (See example on the right.)

2. Click the Responses tab at the top of the Form and select the green Sheets icon.

After you select the Sheets icon, you'll create a new spreadsheet of responses.

embedded image of creating a spreadsheet from form responses

3. Create a Google Doc to deliver your feedback. Enclose the fields in merge tags (<< and >>) where you plan to insert a value or a comment from the form. It is best to copy the exact value from the column heading in the spreadsheet to ensure the merge works correctly. It is case and character specific.

CTC Presentation Rubric

4. Open your linked spreadsheet (should have the same name as your form followed by "(Responses)".

Click Add-ons>Get Add-ons>Type Autocrat in search bar

Enable Autocrat and allow access to your Drive and account.

Set up preferences after clicking New Job.

If you will want to calculate a sum of the individual scores, get the Add-on Copy Down while you are in the Add-on Store.

5. In your Form, click the three dots to the right of Send button. Select Get pre-filled link.

menu options to get prefilled link

Use the pre-filled responses link to access the form as a rubric.

Rubric Feedback Marc O'Leany.pdf

Here is an example of what the individualized feedback documents look like. Students will also get an email. The document replaces paper feedback forms that always get lost.

Earn PD points

Follow the instructions and create a Forms rubric and use it with your class (or adapt to your own school uses). Share the spreadsheet and one of the feedback documents generated with Autocrat with Anyone in HCS with the link, view only. Copy those links and paste them into the Google Form below to earn points!

(This course is worth 5 points.)