eMedia & MackinVia

Video Content/Research/Digital Media

Must complete BOTH in order to get 5 points.

What is eMediaVA?

eMediaVA is a fantastic resource provided to all VA public school faculty. Brought to you by Virginia's Public Media Stations and PBS, you can rely on the quality of the media and supporting resources.

How does it work?

Go to eMediaVA.org and use your HCS SSO to login (only user name, not full email address).


Find a video or other resource to use with your students in class. In the reflection section of the form, say how you will incorporate (or incorporated) the video in your lesson.

Watch this video for a full overview.

What is MackinVIA?

MackinVia is a site or app where students have access to eBooks and audiobooks online and offline. Students can log in using their SSO and easily check out books to read anywhere.

How does it work?

In the video, it walks you through how to log in, search for books and change settings.



1. Log in to MackinVia.

2. Search for a book and check it out. (Read it of course! You can read it to your students if you want.)

3. Return the book.

4. Now have your students follow the same process and check out 1 book that they would like to read!

Task: Reflect on the use of MackinVia with your students in the Google Classroom. Did they use it on their iPads or computers? How easy was the process? What difficulties did you encounter and what steps could you take to make the experience better?

Earn Points!

Fill out this form with your documentation of your work to earn PD points! You MUST complete BOTH eMedia and MackinVIA to get credit for this course.

(This course is worth 5 points.)