EdCamp-Eastern VA

What is it?

EdCamp is an unconference that is FREE! If you attended the EdCamp on March 16, 2019 at Grafton MS, use the form below to turn in your certificate and your name will be put into a drawing for a prize pack after the EdCamp!

ONE lucky winner will be awarded a Create Your Own Review Game kit that includes:

*5 reversible dry-erase grid boards

*2 packages of dry-erase markers

*5 sets of four multi-colored game pieces

*5 sets of dice

*5 spinners

*Link to a Google Slides template to write and print your own game cards

Teachers can use this set to create their own games for class OR have students design their own games!

(This prize pack is for HCS teachers only)

PRIZE Package!!!

How do I sign up?

Use this link to sign up for the FREE EdCamp.

Fill out the Google Form below AFTER you have attended the EdCamp.

After you attended the EdCamp, please upload a copy of your certificate to the Google Form below no later than March 29th. All EdCamp points will be put into MyLearningPlan over Spring Break.

You will earn 7 points in MyLearningPlan after you have uploaded your certificate on the form below and explained how you will use what you learned with your students. (That is the last question on the Form below!)

Fill this form out AFTER you have attended the conference. Attach your certificate of attendance here.