Digital Breakout

What is it?

A great way to get students to think critically and work together to complete the challenge.

*Worth 10 points


Watch this video on how Google Sites are created. This will help you through using Sites and where to house your Digital Breakout.

(Click the arrow in the top right corner to "pop out" the video into a new tab)


What skill/concept are you presenting to your students? What do you want them to learn about? When you create your Digital Breakout, the site theme may not have anything to do with what you want your students to learn about. (Keep the focus on what you link on the site.)

On your Google Site, think of hook for the theme of your Breakout. Create a small scenario for the students to get excited about breaking out of the locks. Your Google Site only needs to be 1 page! Keep it simple.

Find pictures, videos or documents you can link on your site.

Google Form (This video will help explain the different locks and how to best use them.)

This is where you will get a lot of emotions from the students during your breakout. They will yell, cry, scream and cheer when they are trying break the codes.

The types of locks you can create are:

    • Word lock (Can be in all caps)
    • Number locks
    • Color code locks (first letter in colors)
    • Directional locks (Up, Down, Left, Right)
  • When making your Form, you must click the 3 dots next to "Required" and choose Response Validation.
  • TIP: Make each question REQUIRED

Examples of Digital Breakouts

EdTechRVA Breakout Example

This is a LARGE Drive Folder with multiple examples of Digital Breakouts.

Earn PD Points!

How will you earn PD points?

1. Create the site with 5 pictures or items linked to clues that students will have a given time to figure out.

2. Use a Google Form to create the locks that students will use to break the code.

*You MUST include 5 locks on the Form and 5 pictures on your site that are linked to clues.

3. Share your Google Site with us to get 10 points. (Please share the published link on the Google Form below)