Retirement Information

for all retirees of Hampstead School District and SAU55

What do I need to do?

There are a lot of decisions to make for retirement and various forms to submit to HR, NHRS, and other agencies.  It can be overwhelming.  Click on the Retirement Checklist image to make your life easier!

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Medical and Dental Insurance Rates
for all retirees of Hampstead School District and SAU55

Click here for 2023-24 rates

Click here for 2022-23 rates

ATTN Retirees: you will notice the rate change in your pension check received on July 31st (July check) if you pay via NHRS annuity deduction.

Annual Notices

Open Enrollment for Retirees

Open Enrollment Notice for Retirees_July2023.pdf

Please read if you are a current retiree for important information about Open Enrollment in May. 
Click the document image to begin.

for Hampstead School District Group
Medical and Dental Insurance

Remember to send completed forms securely

Regular email is not secure

Retiree Medical and/or Dental Application Change Form

Retiree Medical and_or Dental Application and Change Fillable Form.pdf

Want to pay for your HSD medical and or dental insurance via a monthly NHRS annuity deduction?  Fill out the Annuity Deduction Authorization form. Making changes to your insurance during Open Enrollment in May or via a life event?  Fill out this form. 

Note that rate changes for the new plan year will be evident in pension checks starting with checks received on July 31st (July check). 

Retiree ACH Authorization Form

Retiree ACH Authorization Form Fillable PDF.pdf

Retiring soon and want to stay on HSD insurance?  Fill out the Retiree Medical and/or Dental Application and Change Form.  Making changes to a current plan due to a life event (eg. turning 65 or spouse turning 65), or making changes during Open Enrollment in May for an effective date of July 1st?  Fill out this form.

NHRS Annuity Deduction Authorization for Medical and Dental Benefits Form

HT-NHRS Annuity Deduction Form.pdf

Want to pay for your HSD medical and or dental insurance via a monthly payment from a bank account, credit card, or debit card?  Fill out the Retiree ACH Authorization Form.

Send completed forms directly to HealthTrust through their Secure Message Center or via US postal mail service or, or send to Hampstead School District's HR Administrator by US mail, hand-delivery, or sharing via a secure drive such as Google.  Do NOT email the form as an attachment to anyone because it will have personal identifiable information on it such as SSNs & birth dates.  Regular email is not secure!

Medicare Health Insurance
Part A Hospital
Part B Medical
Part D Prescription Drug

Read about Medicare
Click on the owl

65 is the magic number for retirees

Are you 65 and plan on working a few more years?  Don't sign up for Medicare yet!

Things to know:

Ready to enroll in Medicare?
(Consider a Hampstead Medicomp Supplemental Insurance as well)

Medicare Enrollment forms:

Click here for Application for Enrollment in Part B (CMS-40B) and Request for Employment Information (CMS-L564) for those enrolling during a special enrollment period.

Information on Medicare Part D Prescription Drug

How do I get information on PART D of the Medicare program.pdf

Retirement Application Packet for Service/Vested Deferred Retirement

Applications must be completed and submitted to NHRS to apply for retirement. All required forms/copies must be submitted at least 30, but not more than 90 days prior to the effective date of retirement, which is always the first of the month. 

Click here for a complete Group I (Employee and Teacher) application packet

Instructional videos:

How to File for Retirement (general overview)  

How to Fill Out a Group I Application Packet  


Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Annual Notice for 2023

October 13, 2022 - Melissa Post

Click the link below to read this important update.
Read More

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Union Agreements

HASS Agreement 2020-2023.pdf
HSPA AGREEMENT 2021-2025.pdf
HEA Contract 2020-2023.pdf
HEA Contract 2023-2025.pdf