Bienvenidos a Español

Remote Learning 2020-2021 ~ FLES

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Check the links below for recorded lessons to view with your student at your convenience!

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January - February

Enero - Febrero

“Identidad y Personas Importantes” or “Identity and Important People”

“Holidays and Traditions”

  • Numbers 21-30

  • Tell and ask the date

  • Identify family members

  • Describe current weather

  • Holidays : Feliz Año Nuevo

  • El Día de Reyes /Tres Reyes Magos

  • Día de San Valenín

  • Review of topics from September - December

The FLES Model

2020 - 2021

The FLES model in the Hampstead School District will be based on the National Standards for Foreign Languages (supporting the five areas of communication, connections, comparisons, communities and cultures) and the Hampstead School District curriculum.