Writing a Book Review

Book Reviews

Use this page to learn how to write a great book review and then submit a Book Review on the form below to be added to our website on the Book Recommendations page.

Writing a Great Book Review:

When writing your review please include the following information:

  • Describe the Plot-- In describing the plot, you need to give readers the information that is important and that will make them want to read the book, although you do not want to give away the ending. You want to make sure you are writing in a way that is engaging.
  • Avoid Spoilers-- Do not give away any information in your review that is a surprise, or that a reader will want to discover on their own. It is often hard to not mention these things in your review since they are the exciting parts of the story and often why you will decide if you liked the book or not, but be kind to your readers and give just enough information to make them want to read the book to find out more.
  • Give a Clear Opinion--Make a clear decision as to whether or not you like the book and include this in the review. Do not just simply say the book was good or bad, or that you liked it or didn't but explain to your readers why you felt this way. This will help a reader decide if they want to read the book. Include both praise and critique in the review so readers get a full picture of the book.
  • Know Your Audience-- Remember that you are writing your reviews for other CPPHS students and in your review you should include who might like the book. Not all books are for everyone, so if you can include in your review something about what types of people, readers, etc. would like the book that will help people to decide.
  • Proofread!!!!!-- People will take you more seriously and are more likely to listen to your suggestions and point of view if your review is mistake free. You will lose credibility if there are lots of spelling and grammatical errors in your review. Reread it, have someone else read it and make it perfect before submitting.

Here is a document to help you write/plan out your review:

Writing Great Book Reviews.pdf

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