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Faculty and Staff

Go Global Pipers!

The Global Engagement Center knows that faculty and staff are important stakeholders when it comes to student success on and off-campus.

That is why we highly encourage both faculty and staff to be part of the international community and the internationalization of our campus.

Here are some of the ways to bring your corner of campus more global:

Take YOUR class away!

J-term, Spring Break, May/Summer

Be a Campus Colleague for Study away!


Study Away General information (for Faculty Advisers & CASA)

Supporting students looking to go on a program is another great way you get to impact lives. Here are some general points about study away that might help any faculty advisor or academic advisor from CASA. Remember, you can always reach out to the GEC if you have any questions!

Registration & Courses for Study Away Term

Students do not enroll in courses at Hamline University. Instead they are placed in "Placeholder" credits by the registrar. Students will enroll in courses through their program. Once the study away transcript returns to Hamline, the placeholder credits will turn into the actual courses taken on program.

At the very least, they are all accepted by Hamline University as elective credits. With approvals (both prior to departure or after their return) students can have courses count as major or minor courses/electives or Hamline Plan Letters.

  • Major/Minor Course Equivalents

For faculty advisors, you are go to contact for students to translate what study away courses will look like at Hamline University. Much like transfer credits, study away courses can be used to fulfill major and minor requirements with your approval. Students can provide syllabi if required from the study away partner's site. Do not hesitate to connect with the GEC if you need more information on the courses.

  • Hamline Plan Letters

Students can also get Hamline Plan Letters added to courses from away programs with an email to Records and Registration. The GEC advises students to send an email with details on the away course, and a rationale for the Hamline Letter being attached to that course to

  • LEAP/Internship Credits

LEAP approvals are already applied for the majority of the GEC's study away internship programs. Students will be directed to connect with the Career Development Center for any final paperwork to ensure that the LEAP is applied.

  • Transcripts

Post program, transcripts can take a few months to return to Hamline. Should a student's courses not show up on their Hamline transcript, do not hesitate to send the students to the GEC. Students can also connect with their study away program group to see about the status of their transcripts.


Students of all majors are encouraged to see if study away is an option for them. The GEC has a GPA requirement of 2.5, but is flexible to make study away accessible for all students. Students must be in good standing with Hamline University, and a conduct check is completed prior to the GEC approving students for their program.

  • First year students are welcome on short term programs (J-term, Spring Break, and Summer) during their first year at Hamline.

  • Seniors (4th year students) are also able to study away, but are advised that doing this in their final semester may cause the printed date on their transcript to be delayed. Generally, this will only impact some students looking to go directly into graduate school.

During GEC advising, and throughout the pre-departure process, students are reminded to loop in their faculty advisors.

Training and Orientations

Students are provided with both training and orientation from a variety of sources. The GEC provides multiple sources of in-person and online trainings to help students throughout the process. They will also get program specific information from their program provider/exchange institution.

Short-Term Course Proposal (for faculty)

Take your class away!

Hamline programming generally happens during the J-Term, spring break, or shortly after the end of the spring semester, formerly May Term/Summer.

The GEC also aids several departments in facilitating online application systems for summer field studies and other programming like sports teams abroad or international choir programs.

Contact the GEC with questions or to set up a consultation for a program proposal or being the proposal online now!

We highly recommend at least 12 months advance preparation time before the intended travel term.

Course Term Proposal Link Deadline

J-Term J-Term proposal June 1

May travel / Summer May travel / Summer proposal September 1

Spring break Spring Break proposal June 1

How To Guide Presentation

Faculty Led Handbook

SPAN @ Hamline (for faculty Mentor/Location proposal)

Starting in Fall 2019, the SPAN program will run at Hamline University. Faculty from Hamline University and those from institutions within Minnesota are open to apply to be part of this long-running research and writing-intensive program.

Interested faculty can contact the GEC or MNSPAN with questions.

More information can be found on the SPAN at Hamline University website or in the SPAN at Hamline Faculty Handbook.

Course Term Proposal Link Deadline

Summer SPAN Proposal June 1

Request a presentation

Faculty can request presentations on study away topics in their normal classes or partner with the GEC to take their classes to new locations!

Tell us where and when, and a few more details and we can tailor a presentation to your class or group.

We also have some easy-to-understand videos that can be accessed via the GEC's Youtube Channel.

Intro to Study Away

Program Types

How to Start

Courses and Study Away

Study Away Campus Colleague Application (for staff)

Are you a full-time staff member interesting in assisting on a short-term program away? Or a supervisor of an employee who you think would be a great addition to a Hamline program?

You can now apply for the Study Away Campus Colleague for study away here. OR Nominate someone you know using the same form.

J-Term, Spring Break, and Summer applications are due Nov 1st.

Study Away Coordinator/Colleague Handbook

No matter what your role is at Hamline, the GEC is here to assist you as you advise and guide students through their Hamline career.

You can reach us at

15 Old Main (MS-C 1927)

The Global Engagement Center is a proud member of multiple national and international organizations.