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Friday, June 7, 2019

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2019 presenter bios

Chuck Adams, K7QO

I have been involved with amateur radio since 1955. At that time, operators had to build their own radios from WWII surplus equipment and/or parts salvaged from discarded tube radios or TVs to even get on the air.

My first call sign as a novice licensee was KN5FJZ in Wink, TX in 1957. I then graduated to conditional license as K5FJZ and later K5FO while at TAMU as a graduate student. In 1999, I because K7QO before leaving Dallas for Arizona. Have WAS on three bands with 0.95W with a OCF dipole - 40m, 30m and 20m.

I am a contributor to a number of QRP publications - QEX, the ARRL Handbook, and founder of two QRP groups on the Internet. I am also a member of the QRP ARCI Hall of Fame and a number of CW Clubs.

Bob Ballard, KG5SQJ

Retired Aerospace IT Program Manager. Relatively new Ham passed the General exam in May of 2017.

Gary Breed, K9AY

Gary Breed was first licensed as WN9AYP in 1961 at the age of 12, and obtained his present call of K9AY in 1977. He has designed and built many amateur and commercial electronic devices, and invented several types of antennas. He is retired from a career in radio/TV engineering, then technical writing and publishing. Through his company, AY Technologies LLC, he continues to do freelance writing and publishing work, as well as the design and manufacture of antenna-related products for amateur and professional customers.

Michelle Carey, W5MQC

YLRL District 5 Representative

Tim Duffy, K3LR

Tim has been an active amateur radio operator for 47 years. He has hosted 132 different operators from around the world as part of the K3LR Multi-Multi DX radio sport contest efforts since 1992. He was the ARRL Atlantic Division Technical Achievement award winner in 1998. Tim was moderator of the Dayton Contest Forum for 10 years and has been moderator of the Hamvention Antenna forum for 34 years. He is a founding member and current President of the North Coast Contesters. K3LR serves as chairman of Contest University (13 years), the Dayton Contest Dinner (27 years), chairman of the Top Band Dinner – as well as coordinator of the Contest Super Suite (34 years) in Dayton during the yearly Hamvention. He is founder and moderator of the popular RFI Reflector (RFI@contesting.com) since 1999. He has been a guest on Ham Nation many times. Tim was a member of Team USA at the World Radio Team Championship – five times, most recently in Germany during WRTC2018 with Sandy, DL1QQ. Tim serves on the board of directors of the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) as Chairman and is President Emeritus of the Radio Club of America (RCA). Tim is President of the Mercer County Amateur Radio Club (W3LIF). Tim was elected to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 2006. He was honored with the prestigious Barry Goldwater Amateur Radio service award by the RCA in 2010. K3LR was honored as Hamvention Amateur of the Year in 2015 by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association. Tim is the Chief Operating Officer and General Manager at DX Engineering. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University.

Greg Evans, K5GTX

Serving as Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator for Training for NTX ARES, Collin County ARES Training Coordinator, Allen CERT member and Texas Military Forces, Task Force Signal. Amateur Radio Operator since 2010.

Bill Fahle, K5WL

Dr. Bill has been a licensed ham since 2012, as K5WL. He started learning CW as soon as he passed the license test, made his first QSO in CW and never picked up a mic until he had worked all states in CW. He has since gotten 275 countries in DXCC, participated in many contests, worked the key as W1AW/5 for the 100th anniversary, and was part of the 2017 YN2KW DXpedition as YN2WL, mainly on CW. He has taught courses at the college level and helped found Istation, an early education software company.

Sholto Fisher, K7TMG

Radio Expert specializing in Digital Modes. Technical Support for West Mountain Radio.

John Galvin, N5TIM

John was first licensed in 1991 as N5TIM and holds an Advanced Class License. Since receiving his license he has been involved with public service events and emergency communications. Over the years he has participated in and coordinated numerous public service events including the March of Dimes Walk, the MS150 2-Day Bike Ride and the White Rock Marathon. He maintains a public service web site listing events and information on public service amateur radio operations. John also served as part of the communication support team in San Augustine with the Shuttle Columbia Recovery. John also hosts a public service web site at www.n5tim.info and makes many public service related presentations at Ham-Com. John is also interested in Winlink, APRS and AREDN and has made many Winlink, APRS and Public Service presentations for local clubs.

Steve Jones, WS5W

Steve has been a ham since 1976. He is an avid DXer with 315 DXCC entities. He a member of the Lone Star DX Association, a life member of the ARRL and a life member of QCWA.

Jo Ann Keith, KA5AZK

KA5AZK a Ham since 1979 and has been involved with traffic handling since that time. Presently is Net Manager for the 7290 Traffic Net, is ARRL Assist Dir West Gulf Division NTS and ARES DEC District 8.

Mike Krzystyniak, K9MK

Originally from Illinois Mike Krzystyniak (K9MK) was licensed in 1971 at the age of 15 as WN9IJV/WB9IJV. From there he quickly earned his Extra Class license and initialed callsign. Currently Mike lives in Grandview, Texas and is a member of DFWCG, and charter member of LSDXA, and NTMS. An accomplished HF/VHF DXer and Contester Mike has had the pleasure of operating some of the largest contest stations in the states, from over a dozen DX locations.

John Langridge, KB5NJD

For nearly 30 years John has been continuously active on the HF and MF bands. John started his ham career in high school, being elmered by DXer Jimmy Miles, KA5V, and was immediately bitten by the DX bug. John recently completed 9-band DXCC on CW and has 315 countries confirmed overall.

At the start of his ham career, John was active with the National Traffic System where he was not only a net control station for the DFW Traffic Net but also functioned as a liaison to both CW and phone traffic nets. From 2000 to 2010 John spent considerable time operating in CW contests including ARRL 160, ARRL CW Sweepstakes, Stew Perry Topband DX Challenge, and Texas QSO Party where he was fortunate to win his category or be a serious contender for many of those years.

John’s passion with the LF and MF bands started at age 11 with an article in Radio-Electronics magazine about the 1750m band. After a few years of supplying reports to the ARRL 600 meter research group in the early 2000’s, John applied for his own Part 5 experimental grant on the 630 meter band, under the call sign WG2XIQ, where he spends most of his time making CW QSOs and studying propagation and antennas using modes like WSPR. Professionally, John has worked in engineering fields related software development and broadcasting and most recently doctoral research in physical chemistry. He is also the contributing editor of the quarterly MF and LF column in CQ Magazine entitled, “MF and LF operating: Life below the AM broadcast band”.

Mickey Lee

Mickey is a meteorologist, and has been advising corporations and large organizations on severe weather response and forecasting for over 30 years.

Melanie Leonard, KI5AHG

Trauma Program Manager. Registered Nurse for 34 yrs. Hold Master in Science Nursing dual Masters in Education

Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA

Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA started his radio career as a shortwave listener in the late 1950s, and received his Novice license in October 1961. He selected K9LA in 1977.

He enjoys propagation, DXing (he’s at the top of the Honor Roll), contesting (he was NCJ Editor from 2002-2007), playing with antennas and fixing/using vintage equipment.

Carl is a graduate of Purdue University and worked for Motorola and Magnavox/Raytheon as an RF design engineer. He retired in October 2013.

He and his wife Vicky (AE9YL) reside in Fort Wayne and enjoy traveling, which has included DXpeditions to Syria (YK9A), Market Reef (OJ0/AE9YL and OJ0/K9LA) and many trips to the Cayman Islands (ZF).

Carl is currently the ARRL Central Division Vice Director. He has received the Bill Orr W6SAI Technical Writing Award, the YASME Foundation Excellence Award and the Indiana Radio Club Council Technical Excellence Award.

Bill Mader, K8TE

Bill Mader, K8TE, licensed since early 1960, chases DX and contests on all HF bands on CW, SSB, and digital modes. He has held FCC First Class Radio Telephone and Second Class Radio Telegraph licenses, worked in commercial broadcasting for decades, along with 26 years in USAF communications, plus IT support, and other technical and non-technical career fields. He has conducted HF University, presented at DX University, and Contest Academy at the Duke City Hamfest. He was a member of the DX University staff in Colorado plus a speaker at various hamfests and conventions in the Southwest including the International DX Convention in Visalia CA. He is the ARRL New Mexico Section Manager, President of the Albuquerque DX Association and a Board member of the Duke City Hamfest.

Howard Michael, WB2ITX


Ken Mitchell, KD2KW & Ken Rainey, AC5EZ

Ken - KD2KW: Licensed as K5JBE for many years then re-licensed while living in NJ as KD2KW. BSEE - Texas A&M and MSEE - Purdue. Partial degree University of Missouri. Retired after 27 years employee with Bell Telephone Laboratories and 10 years with Schlumberger. ARRL VE and NTX ASM.

Ken - AC5EZ: While in the service during the 1960’s I worked for Fifth Army MARS, A5USA running phone patches for service members in Southeast Asia. Returned to the hobby in 1992 as KB5VMA. Retired in 2003 from a major telecommunications company, and upgraded to extra in 2012. I hold a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I am a registered instructor with ARRL and W5YI and a volunteer examiner for both as well.

John Oppenheimer, KN5L

First licensed as WN4DXN in 1966, then WB4JSR, WD5GNY, and KN5L in 1981. Interests include CW rag chewing, contesting, chasing DX, QRP, and antenna modeling and measuring.

Victor Paul, WB0TEV

Avid DX'er and Contester Victor Paul was first licensed in 1976 and has held the call WB0TEV ever since. A graduate of LeTourneau University, Victor spent 38 years as an RF and Systems Engineer prior to his retirement in 2018. In recent years, he has been a DXpedition participant (3DA0ET in 2013) and was part of the World Record setting team for M/S Low Power in the CQ WW RTTY contest from PJ6A in 2015. Since 2016 he has made several trips each year to operate from Belize where he is licensed as V31VP. He is a member of the Majors Field Amateur Radio Club, the Lone Star DX Association and the DFW Contest Group.

Weimin Peng, KF5DLL

RF engineer for 20 years. MS. electrical Engineer.

Bill Priakos, W5SJ

Licensed in 1955 as WN5KGJ, Bill participated in emergency communications following an area tornado and as a result was awarded a Junior Red Cross trip to Japan at age 16. During a stopover in Hawaii, he was able to meet and make Q’s from the QTH of KH6BLI who he had worked on the 40 meter novice band and then, while in Japan, operated from KA3GG – THE DX BUG HAD BITTEN!!

Bill holds DXCC #1; he is past president of Arkansas DX Association and Lone Star DX Association. Scored tops from SA Top Band CQ WW CW from PR0F one year and also entered same contest from his calls, VP2EJ and ZF2EZ. He also has VP2MSJ, J79SJ, V31SJ, as well as previous calls from C6A, J3, J6, KP2, VP5, VP2V, KH6, VP9, PJ7, etc., as well as /FO while at TX5 and /PJ6 this year. He is CW Ops #1980 and has been active in Wednesday’s CWT when in town. He is a fan of QRO AND QRP and has used both on his holiday style jaunts in the Caribbean.

Bryant Rascoll, KG5HVO

Bryant Rascoll, age 15, was licensed in 2014 after earning the Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge. As an Extra Class operator, he enjoys contesting, CW, and small station antenna building. Bryant was a team member on the 2017 Dave Kalter YDXA to Costa Rica. Last year, he competed in WRTC 2018 in Germany on Youth Team #1 alongside his team leader, CE2LR. He has written for the National Contest Journal, Solid Copy (the CWops newsletter), and the K9YA Telegraph e-zine. Bryant also serves as the Section Youth Coordinator (SYC) for the ARRL Alabama Section. In radiosport, he enjoys contesting with the Georgia Contesting Club at WW4LL as well as single ops from his home QTH. Most recently, Bryant was part of “Team Exuberance,” an all-youth team who competed in WPX SSB from superstation K3LR. He is the 2018 Dave Pasternack Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year and the Radio Club of America (RCA) Young Achiever Award recipient and was a guest “professor” at Contest University in Dayton, OH. Bryant also enjoys playing varsity baseball for the Ezekial Knights and working toward Eagle Scout in Troop 307 in Montgomery, AL.

Dick Sander, K5QY

I was licensed in 1958, I'm on the ARRL DXCC no. 1 list and I've modeled various antennas from phase 160 m verticals to 440 MHz yagis

Eric Silverthorn, NM5M

Eric Silverthorn (NM5M) was licensed in 1976 at age 13 and currently lives in Plano, Texas. Eric is a member of the DFW Contest Group, FOC and CW Ops. and is an active contest operator. Eric has had the opportunity to participate in many contests from the K5LZO, NR5M, K5RC, N5AU, WX0B stations.

Eric has led 7 CW Academy Level 1 classes since 2017 with many students advancing to Levels 2 and 3.

Dr. Tamitha Skov, WX6SWW

Hi, I’m Tamitha Skov and I stare at the Sun a lot. I am a credentialed space weather forecaster and I have been helping the public understand the effects of Space Weather on our daily lives since 2013. I work primarily in the fields of solar and space physics research and in the testing of spacecraft materials in realistic space radiation environments. But my forecasting work as the “Space Weather Woman” is widely known on social media such as You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook and you may have caught me on several television shows for The Weather Channel and The History Channel. I have also been featured in Popular Science Magazine. Thanks to social media like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, TWiT TV, and Periscope, I have helped nurture a vibrant Space Weather community of 50,000+ people, and growing. I strive to keep everyone informed and connected to each other and to the spectacular events the Sun sends our way. In turn, they then spread the word about how Space Weather affects their lives. I’d be delighted if you would join us.

Steven Lott Smith, KG5VK ARRL NTX Section Manager

Began my Ham Radio journey while in High School in 1972 as WN0FOI in Manchester, Missouri; Retired from the United States Air Force in 1993; In 2014, retired from work as a Professional Photographer / Photography Studio Owner and Educator of Photography at Bossier Parish Community College, Bossier Parish Louisiana

Current member of: The Lone Star DX Association; The Dallas Ft. Worth Contest group; 599 DX Association; CW OPS (member # 1806); ARRL

DXCC: 328 Mixed (current Entities); Five band DXCC attained in 2016 just prior to QRT of the Louisiana QTH. 160m WAS from Louisiana

Played ham radio from: Luxembourg, West Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Costa Rica

Contest achievements: Several Top Five finishes at his own station in Louisiana; A member of the Louisiana Contest Club Sweepstakes Team, which has garnered several wins over the years in the Region and Division.

Personal best: First place Multi-Multi Phone Europe in ARRL DX Phone in 1981 as LX/N2BVJ

Jim Spaulding, W0UO

W0UO, licensed for 62 years, an extra class operator who has built effective stations in a variety of situations

Jeff Steinman, N5TJ

N5TJ was first licensed in 1978 as N0AQK. Jeff was very active in contests in the early 80s from K4VX (SK) before moving to Texas in 1986. He spent time operating at N5AU and WM5G, among others, before building a one tower station in North Dallas on the early 90s. For the last 20 years he has lived in a home with minimal HF antennas. His presentation will cover antennas he has tried and how to get the most out of your QTH for working stations on HF.

Chadwick Stelzl, KD5UMO

Assistant emergency coordinator for Collin County ARES for both technology and the liaison to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth since 2009.

Al Ward, W5LUA

I have been an amateur for 54 years and I am heavily involved in VHF/Microwave operation including EME (moon-bounce). I am presently President of the North Texas Microwave Society