The following questions have been posted as "frequently asked" by the Ham-Com, Inc. staff. The latest entries are listed first.

How much are Ham-Com tickets on the day of the event?

General admission tickets for adults are $10 on the days of the event. Children 12 and under get in FREE! All Boy Scouts IN FULL UNIFORM are FREE!

When does Ham-Com 2019 begin?

The afternoon of Thursday, June 6th and the morning of Friday, June 7th, is for SETUP only! The afternoon of Friday, June 7th, and all-day Saturday, June 8th are convention days. Convention hours are Friday, June 7th, 12 PM to 5 PM and Saturday, June 8th from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Where do I park and how much is parking?

There plenty of "high-profile" and handicapped parking available. All parking is FREE! See our parking guide here!

How are "door prizes" awarded at Ham-Com and why do I have to be present to win?

Ham-Com provides tickets with stubs that attendees must place in a barrel. At specified times, the prize booth staff (volunteers who usually members of an area club) draw a ticket stub and display the number of the ticket that was drawn in the main exhibit hall. For hourly drawings, these numbers are displayed all day. However, prizes that are not picked up at the end of the first day or the second day of the event are rolled over to the next day. Any prizes that are not claimed by the end of the third day are placed in the "shotgun" drawing (see below).

The need to be present to win is two-fold. First, Ham-Com is not (for a variety of reasons), a qualified organization under the Texas Charitable Raffles law, Chapter 2002. It is the opinion of the Ham-Com, Inc. Board of Directors that this requires the award of "door prizes" rather than "raffle prizes." Therefore, you must purchase a ticket and be present to win a "door prize." Ham-Com has no interest is becoming involved in an expensive injunction with the courts over the award of prizes at our event. If you're at all interested in reading the law, you can find it in the Texas Annotated Statutes. Sources are available online or at your local public library.

Second, Ham-Com is a very expensive event to host. The commercial vendors that attend our event provide a large percentage of the capital required to host it. The "door prize" giveaways and timings ensure that enough people attend the event to make their investment worthwhile. To put it another way, the exhibitors and vendors are paying a great deal of money toward your enjoyment of the event. While ticket sales do help, Ham-Com would not be able to produce the event in its present form based on the sale of admission tickets alone. Special note: Members of the Ham-Com Board of Directors and the operations staff are ineligible to win "door prizes" from the event.

What happens to "door prizes" that aren't claimed by the end of event?

The prize booth staff runs a "shotgun" drawing at the end of the last day. Everyone present at the drawing provides their entry badge and the staff draws names for each prize until everything has been awarded. For the past several years, Ham-Com has published the photos of "door prize" winners on the Web site via the "Photos" link.

I didn't know that I had to be present to win a prize at Ham-Com. Why didn't you tell me?

Information about Ham-Com "door prizes" is clearly posted on the Web site via the "Terms" link as well as the FAQ page. Just in case you missed it we'll state it again, "You must be present to win!"

Why does Ham-Com use PayPal as their online credit card processor?

From experience, PayPal is a safe, secure, and financially agreeable payment management system.

Customer information entered on the order form is secured by PGP encryption and credit card information is transmitted securely over the Internet via SSL. No credit card (number, expiration, CVV2 code) information is stored on our website or servers after you complete your transaction with us.

Why did Ham-Com move Back to the plano event center?

Even though the Irving Convention Center (ICC) offered Ham-Com room to grow, the struggle over high-profile parking and in-area construction caused many concerns. The scheduling conflict with the Plano Event Center (PEC) has been worked out. We will again have the high-profile parking and outdoor flea market available to us.

Will there be an outdoor flea market for the "tailgaters"?

Yes! The outdoor flea market will be available this year. Designated spaces have been slated for an outdoor flea market. For more information, click here!