During the 2018-2019 school year:

Approximately 5,794 students were identified as ESOL

Approximately 21.4% of the total enrollment was identified as ESOL. The state average was 7%.

44 different languages were represented in the system

The top 3 languages represented were English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

This ESOL site contains announcements, resources, and information for teachers and administrators to help support English Learners. Check this site often, as there will be new links, updates, and information posted frequently. Should you have questions or concerns about the ESOL program please contact, Dr. Anna S. Sargent, at anna.sargent@hallco.org.

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EL Monitoring Dates for SY19

Monitoring Completion Dates:

August 25, 2018–Newly exited M1s and M2s

October 26, 2018–First grading period

January 11, 2019–Second grading period

March 19, 2019–Third grading period

May 28, 2019–Fourth grading period

ESOL Push-in Model in Hall County—

East Hall High School

EL's Belong to ALL of Us...