Welcome to EPiCC!

Hello, and welcome to our EPiCC Web site! We are excited that you are considering applying to the EPiCC academy at East Hall High School.

The goal of EPiCC (Endless Possibilities in Creativity and Collaboration) is to make student learning fun, interactive, and more student-centered. The goal is to give students the opportunity to be creative with their learning, and to allow them to collaborate on bigger tasks like projects. Students will develop their sense of creativity and collaboration in their 9th and 10th grade years in a variety of cohorted classes. This means that you will work in classes with EPiCC specific projects and ideas, with other students in the EPiCC program. You will do these classes in your 9th and 10th grade years to help develop your sense of creativity and collaboration as they relate to your school work.

After 9th and 10th grade, scheduling can be difficult. We encourage students to follow their own path, whether it is dual enrollment, honors, AP, career focused, or more; and change the program up. EPiCC students will pick a passion that they have and develop a service-learning project through their 11th grade years with the help of their teachers and advisers. They will then implement the project as seniors, and graduate East Hall with designation as a completer of EPiCC. We will monitor student progress through their classes and projects through e-portfolios in the form of Google Sites. The students will have access to these sites, and will be more than welcome to share these with potential colleges or employers as they transition out of high school, so that they can showcase their great work!

Thank you for considering EPiCC. Come Meet the Teachers or even Apply today!

Stainback and Burle End of the Year Project!