2020 FBHS Pre-Registration & CTAE Information Night

Welcome to our NEW Pre-Registration & CTAE Information Meeting Website!

You will find all of the pertinent details, links and deadlines needed to help make the registration process easier for you and your family.

The purpose of the Pre-Registration night is to benefit you and your student, to encourage a dialogue at home, and to best prepare students for a successful school year.


During January

Student conferences with all current teachers; Teachers will make recommendations

End of January

Students will make elective/alternates choices for next year


All current juniors will meet with their counselors

February - March

Applications for Work Based Learning (including Honors), Early College at Jones, LCCA, Honors Mentorship, DE, etc.

**March - April

Course requests for next year are sent home to be signed (on paper or digital) by parents/guardians.

**Chance to make changes via Google Doc**

Points to discuss with your student...

What are your interests?

Where have you found success in classes?

What do you see for your future?

If college is an interest, where do you want to go?

7 + 3 = fully registered - almost!

All students must have 7 required classes / 3 alternate classes.

IF a student is hoping to dual enroll or add classes in WBL, LCCA, or Early College at Jones, more alternates MUST be added.

For example: 3 periods of WBL = 3 ADDITIONAL alternates