Sunny Side Up!

Editorial By Noah W.

It's sunny! Hyde Park deck chairs are well used, the Serpentine is active and everyone is generally in a good mood. I want to channel this positivity into something new in this edition!

Everyone at Halcyonite has been encouraged to try something new; something that they find interesting, but have never actually researched before. This is better said in German by Kafka: "Wege enstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht!"

I, for example, will write my own theories about a certain song in my music section, like the new Kendrick Lamar album. There are a lot of back stories behind songs which makes it very exciting!

I hope you enjoy the wonderful warmth of the Halcyonite Summer Edition! Relax and enjoy the sunshine...

P.S.: This photo was taken from my street ;)


Marble Arch is the famous white marbled triumphant arch landmark that stands approximately 0.3 miles away from our school, but how much do we really know about this historic monument? We’ve stood under the arch countless times to take whole school photographs or to call attendance before community days. We may even have stood in the same location as the former site of the Tyburn Gallows, which was a place of public execution from 1388 until 1793. The structure was designed by John Nash, a famous British architect in 1827 to serve as the entrance to the courtyard for Buckingham Palace. In 1851, however, it was relocated after the courtyard of Buckingham palace was enlarged to accommodate the Queen’s growing family.

Following the relocation the arch was rebuilt and has stood as a ceremonial entrance at the northeast corner of Hyde Park. Eventually in 1958, Park Lane (where Marble Arch is located) was widened, leaving Marble Arch sitting isolated on the traffic island where we all know it to be located today.

Ethan, Grade 11

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Have a wonderful Summer Holiday!