Group 4 projects are an essential part of a well rounded IB education. It provides a space and an opportunity to explore a scientific topic that interests you and work with other students across grades and subjects within the context of the wider scientific world.

Guiding Question: Rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance. How can scientific methods help us resolve tensions between these various values when they are in competition in an urban park?

Pod Theme: Environment (Sunlight and pollution)

Context of Fundamental British Values: Laws to combat pollution and against trees and plants being cut down in British Parks

Subject Specific Research Questions

Biology : How does a change in water pollution levels of cooking oils affect the rate of photosynthesis and therefore the oxygen levels in Ceratophyllum Demersum?

ESS : How does sunlight affect the pollution levels in a source of water?

Physics and Chemistry : How does the dirtiness of water affect the rate at which the sun heats it?