Hagbourne Parent Pages

How we teach and learn at Hagbourne and how you can help at home!

This site is here to provide you, as parents, with an insight into your child's learning experience at Hagbourne. We aim to provide details of what makes us unique as a school: the initiatives we follow, the developments we make and the way we work day-to-day in order to drive standards in our school to guarantee the best outcomes for our pupils.

The information here is more about what goes on 'behind the scenes' - the pedagogical approaches we employ to underpin the learning and opportunities your child experiences every day with us at school.

Your help and support on your child's learning journey is invaluable; research suggests that at age 5, parental involvement in learning is 5 x more important than that of school, whilst at age 11 it is broadly similar. This means we need to work together to make our pupils learning a success!

Thanks for your support!