New patients

Psychiatric Evaluation:

I provide one-time psychiatric evaluations that are useful for:

- answering a specific question

- providing a diagnostic impression and preliminary understanding of the biological and psychological factors contributing to the present issue

- constructing a plan that can be followed by the patient, parents, and/or PCP. This plan often includes: specific effective strategies, and might also include recommendations to start ongoing psychotherapy, psychiatric medications, or referrals to other specialists, on a case by case basis

Ongoing Treatment:

Upon the end of the evaluation, and if there is a mutual agreement, a decision of ongoing therapy in the clinic can be made. The frequency and duration of therapy are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Although I use different modalities, my approach is centered around helping you employ the power you have within you. I treat each person as unique and avoid labeling. My goal is to provide you with different strategies and simple techniques so you can choose what may work best for you.

Whether it is a one-time consultation or ongoing therapy, I will use my expertise in the biological and psychological aspects of the brain to help you achieve your goals.

If you're interested in an evaluation in my clinic, please fill the following confidential survey: