Week at a Glance

Math 8

Monday- Review Slope

Tuesday- Systems of Equations:Graphing

Wednesday- Systems of Equations:Graphing

Thursday-Systems of Equations:Substitution

Friday- Systems of Equations:Substitution

Algebra 1

Monday- Factoring with Grouping ax^2+bx+c

Tuesday- Review Operations with Polynomials

Wednesday- Polynomials & Factoring Mastery Assessment

Thursday- "Will it Hit the Hoop" Quadratic Activity

Friday- Desmos Quadratic Activity

Check out some of the resources we will be using in class!


One of the main resources that we use in class is Khan Academy. It is a personalized education program that allows students to practice skills at their own pace, work on an assigned mission or learn new material through an extensive library of video tutorials.

From a teaching perspective Khan Academy allows me to formatively assess students progress, differentiate instruction, and assist students who are struggling in a more efficient way.


Another one of the main resources that we use in class is Desmos. The creators at Desmos have an interesting approach to teaching Math skills. They believe that students need to develop a need for the tool/skill before they are taught how to use it. The activities that students use are engaging, interactive and fun. It helps them arrive at their own understandings and need for Math instead of having it forced upon them.

Click the link to the right to check out some of the fun activities we are doing!


GoFormative is an online resource that allows students to work on class assignments using their iPads. The teacher can observe and assess all students work in real time and offer immediate feedback. Allowing students to receive assistance and guidance in a more efficient manner.

The results have been EXCELLENT!

How to take effective notes in Math

The link below outlines a really smart and effective way to keep notes and complete homework for Math class.

Check it out!


One of the most popular apps in the app store, Notability has become a staple in the classroom! Students are able to create a divider/subject for all of their classes and backup their notes to their Google Drive. They can import and edit many types of files, color coordinate notes and record their work.

A notability tutorial video is coming soon...