हाँ… हम!

Haan... Hum!

Yes... Us!

Who we are

Haan, Hum - is a process of reclaiming and reconnecting with the pieces that have been neglected, abandoned and painfully forgotten; through art and dialogue. 

Haan Hum is a creative collective  - with a small team of committed to make visible the invisible; especially the sex workers in the Kamatipura area - because many team members have lived amongst them. 

At the Centre is the organization - Kranti; and flanking it are artists and friends. Kranti has worked with the young girls from the Red light districts for over a decade and now some of the girls and their mothers wish to work with their friends, associates and others from the same area. 

Haan Hum, is the assertion and action of the same.

WHat We DO


Come together through art and movement, to express and to explore, a sense of self and community. 


Opening up spaces, physical and mental, as oneself and as a member of a community, to make space for empowerment, growth and freedom.


Attempt at healing, of self and community through these consistent collective experiences and dialogues that result thereof. 


Stand in Solidarity with the community as and when necessary in this self-liberation journey. 

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Contact info@yes-us.org to get more information about the project