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Program Info from the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO):

The District of Columbia is a strong advocate of broadband infrastructure deployment. Coverage and connectivity are drivers for the economic growth of the District, the innovation of businesses, and the education of its residents. To that end, the District has developed efficient and streamlined processes for providers to install wireless communications facilities (“Small Cells”) on poles throughout the District. These Small Cells improve the quality of wireless service throughout the District with faster data coverage and capacity.

Providers will be required to file applications through the Department of Transportation’s Transportation Online Permitting System (“TOPS”) for permits that will consider the aesthetic and safety impacts of Small Cells, as well as the District’s technical specifications for such devices. Applications approved through TOPS will result in the issuance of a permit to install Small Cells on poles. Additionally, in order to install Small Cells in the District, providers will be required to execute the Master License Agreement for District of Columbia Use of Public Right of Way (“MLA”). The MLA outlines requirements related to construction and maintenance activities; design, technical, and siting standards for Small Cells; and costs associated with such facilities.


Executed Master License Agreements:

The Master License Agreements (MLAs) that have been executed thus far can be found at the following links:

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