Program Info

Program Info from the District Department of Transportation:

"The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is exploring the potential to allow dockless bikeshare options in the District of Columbia and invites the public to comment on the idea. Several private dockless bikeshare companies have expressed interest in operating in the District. As a result, DDOT is exploring a demonstration period with one or more of those companies to test this new approach.

DDOT welcomes community feedback on the demonstration period’s terms, conditions, and evaluation criteria. Specifically, the agency is interested in feedback on:

  • The number of bikes, both aggregate or for any participating company
  • Bicycle parking requirements, including geographic distribution and rebalancing
  • Data access and transparency
  • Reporting requirements, and
  • Safety and education of riders

The demonstration period will begin around Wednesday, September 20, and last through April 2018. During this time, DDOT will evaluate the benefits and impacts, and develop appropriate regulations for a dockless system.

Dockless bikeshare is a new approach that enables bikeshare systems to operate without physical stations. Instead, dockless systems use bikes that self-lock and can be accessed via smartphone apps. Such technology has the potential to expand the number of bikeshare bikes in the District, and to provide access in areas DDOT has not yet been able to add bikeshare infrastructure.

Capital Bikeshare, one of the oldest, most successful bikeshare systems in the United States, is jointly operated by the District of Columbia, Arlington County, the City of Alexandria, Montgomery County, and Fairfax County. All jurisdictions contribute to ongoing public investment in capital assets and operations. The dockless bikeshare demonstration period would supplement, not replace, the Capital Bikeshare system, and all bikes would be owned and operated by private entities."


Program Info from the Dockless Bikeshare Companies Currently Operating in DC:

The ANCs have distributed a survey to each of the five dockless bikeshare companies currently operating in DC (Mobike, LimeBike, Jump, Spin, and ofo). The survey asks several questions about each company's current operations and plans for future operations. A copy of the survey can be found here.

Survey responses will be posted below as they are received from each of the companies.

LimeBike Response

ofo Response

Spin Response

JUMP Response

Mobike Response