Content Creation - by Teachers

Animoto, a powerful tool available on the web or as a mobile app, allows users to use a combination of images, video clips and text to create short, impactful movies with FREE music to choose from, so no need to worry about you or students using music that violates copyright.

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Teachers can get FREE Pro accounts and can establish accounts for students. You have to apply annually for codes to give to students, but it is FREE!

First create an account and then apply to upgrade your account here to the Pro version, which will allow you to create longer videos. You should get the code very quickly. Save it!! Once you get the code, click on your account and add it to upgrade yourself if Animoto hasn't done it for you already. You can then use this code for your students, up to 50.

Animoto Level 1

150 XP

You may earn this badge no more than three times per school year.


  • Create an account.
  • Create a one-minute video aligned to your content area.
  • To get your link, after it is produced, click on the link icon and copy the link.
  • Complete the Badge form here or click the Request A Badge link in the menu.
  • 5. Don't forget to specify the content focus for your video.

SAMR Level / 4 C's:

  • STUDENT use of Animoto hits at the Modification Level of SAMR
  • Communication / Critical Thinking / Creativity

Quality-Plus Teaching Strategies:

  • Non Verbal Representation, Summarizing, Literacy, Technology

This must be a teacher-created submission. Your completed video must be at least one minute in length AND aligned to your content area.

After your video is produced, click on the link button to copy the shared link to submit for this badge.


  • Language Arts - illustrate poetry with visual images and music, create a book trailer
  • Social Studies - Create “propaganda” videos, biographies, recruitment video for westward expansion.
  • Science - Document steps of an experiment or processes in nature.
  • Math - Photo scavenger hunt for various types of angles

Examples from BES Teachers